Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Lot's of busy things going on lately and no time to blog. We are in official finish Christmas shopping mode in the Wamp house. We leave a week from Friday for our trip to Calli. I am so excited and the kids are too. They still don't know about Disneyland and I can't wait for their reaction. My Mom and Dad are coming with us too, so I am excited for that too.
Other things going on around here...The new shifts came out. I received Friday, Saturday and Sunday's off. I will be so happy to get back into the routine of going to church with my family, but I did have to trade of doing Girl Scouts. There just wasn't a shift that had Saturday, Sunday and Tuesdays off. That is OK though. I have felt that God is telling me to give that up for awhile anyways. Kaitlyn will still attend I just won't be able to. I start my new shift in January.
We are headed to Aaron's parents house for a later celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday. Aunt Janet has a room that she calls "The Girls Room" and Kaitlyn will spend the night with her on Friday. Kaitlyn is excited to go play doll's with Aunt Janet and to spend the night with her. Aidan told her "But if you go to Aunt Janet's then there won't be any girls there" (there being Grandma's and Poppa's). Too cute.
Ok, Off to go get some more Christmas stuff done. I was hoping to have it all done and shipped by yesterday but Aaron was sick on Monday night and I slept on the couch so I was too tired to get it finished yesterday. Hopefully I can have it all done and shipped off on Friday.
Love to all! We are Thankful for all of you, you have each blessed our lives in some way and want you to know that we are grateful for it!