Friday, September 19, 2008

First day of school, a new kitty and dance.

Things have been good in the Wampler household! The kids started school and are both having a great time. They have already both been on their first field trips. Kaitlyn went to see the Utah Symphony play at a high school and Aidan's class did a walking trip to the park.
I got to go to the park with Aidan, but he thought it would be more fun without me...HA!

We are planning on having a G.N.I. (Girls Night In) the first weekend of October so that I can get to know the girls Kaitlyn has been hanging out with at school. She has gathered a nice group of girls that she has played with the last couple of years and while I've met them and most of their parents I would like to get to know them better. So, We are having a sleepover. Kaitlyn is really excited.

One other bit of news. Kaitlyn went to a birthday party last weekend, and after I dropped her off she called me to say that they had some kittens and if we said it was OK then she could get her name into a drawing. After speaking with Aaron (who I was kind of hoping would say no...HA!) we decided to go ahead and let her put her name in. Well, she got a kitty. His name is Dusty and he is VERY playful. He has been hissing at Cookie quite a bit this week, but I think he is finally getting used to her. Although, now Cookie is afraid of him! :0)

We have also started up again with children's dance ministry at our church and I was asked to choreograph a flag piece and teach some of the older girls. I have 3 signed up (one of them Kaitlyn) but the piece is going to be so pretty! They are working hard and are learning things very quickly! It is so awesome to be able to teach them something that I love, and to be able to praise God at the same time...Who knew he would ever use that skill for his purpose! The girls are trying to convince me to do the piece with them, we will see. I think it looks great with just the 3.

Kaitlyn has also joined a local theater group. They are going to do the place Enchanted, but with some Alvin and the Chipmunks mixed in. So far the teacher has been great and I think Kaitlyn is really enjoying it! She has only been to one practice so far, but she said she had a lot of fun. The performance will be sometime in May.

The kids have also started back to AWANAS. Aidan is loving being a Sparky! They changed the program a bit and I think it is even more fun for them. I love that they are learning verses every week and are learning to spend time with the Lord every day. Aidan is incredible with his memorization! He learned John 3:16 after I read it to him once, and now he is excited that he has his own book and can keep learning! Kaitlyn's is a bit harder in TNT, but she is doing great and is working hard to keep learning her verses and doing her book work. We have decided to make our verse memorization part of homework time and it is working out great.

So, once again we are crazy busy. Aaron says that I always start my posts like that, so I figured I would put it at the end instead. :0) I hope everyone is having a great fall! The colors are starting to come out here and it is just beautiful!