Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New camera and other fun stuff!

Well, it finally came! I'm so excited! My new digital Pentax K10D arrived just about an hour ago! I'm dying to play with it, but unfortunately I have to wait until the battery has finished charging.
I'm so happy if got here in time!
Kaitlyn has started school. Her teacher seems nice although not dressed the way you think a 3rd grade teacher should dress. Kaitlyn says she looks "fancy" and that would be the word I would use for her too. Kaitlyn is happy to be back at her old school with some of her old friends. We will miss the year round schedule, but 29 kids per class is just too much!
Aidan is ready for the start of preschool. He has a new "Cars" lunchbox and is not so patiently asking me if TODAY is the day he starts. Poor thing has a week to go! I know he is going to love it though!
I am in the midst of getting ready for Mozambique still. Memorizing True Love Waits material. Seeing what hand me downs I have to take to the orphans. Trying to figure out how I am only going to take 35 lbs of clothing and toiletries with me for a 2 week period. I usually take that much for a weekend trip, let alone 14 days! I'm sure I can do it though! I've purchased everything on my list for things I need to take with me and now I just need to get my Dr.'s appointment to round out my list. I can't believe that in 2 weeks from today I'll be on my way there!
Aaron is working hard and enjoying *almost* every minute of it! I think he really likes this job and it will be one that he can probably stick with for the rest of his working life. I'm so grateful that he enjoys his work.
Alrighty, off to go see if my battery is charged and to play with my new camrea. Pictures to come soon!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer fun.

Summer is almost over! I can't believe how quickly it has gone this year, and that is without any big vacations or trips scheduled. Our days have been filled with volunteering, playing in the sprinklers, and keeping the house clean. I have also been busy with getting ready for my big trip in September!
I can't believe in a little over a month I will be on my way to Mozambique! Well, that is IF my passport ever gets here! I have received notice that it was being mailed, priority, and should have been here yesterday. Well, nothing came yesterday OR today. So, I will wait and see what happens tomorrow and if it doesn't show up then I will call the agency again.
We have learned a bit more of what we are to be doing while there. A lot of it involves working in the orphanage, which I am very excited about! We have our schedules in hand and plane tickets. We are working on getting our visa's (my passport is holding this up). A few more fundraisers, a few more training dates and we are on our way!
Speaking of fundraisers.... I only have about $1,000 left to earn! I don't think that I will have much trouble raising it, God has been so faithful to provide!
Something else that is going on right now is that I have gotten another job! This one is for Aidan though. I will be teaching at our Mother's day out program at the church. It is a 2 day a week program and I am really excited about it! I get along really well with all the rest of the ladies that work their and Aidan will love "going to class" as he calls it. He is VERY excited that he gets to go to school this year, and I'm excited that he will get to go for free! I don't know what age group that I will be teaching, but I will find that out in a couple of weeks when we have orientation. The director asked me if I would like to teach the 4-5 yr olds, but since Aidan is in that class I would prefer not to. Not because I don't love my son, but because I think he needs some time away from me this year before starting kindergarten! (NEXT YEAR! ACK!)
Well, that is the gist of what is going on around here. A few things that you could pray for: That my passport gets here tomorrow, so we can get our visa's sent in. That all of the fund raising dinners go well, and that everyone raises the money they need. That my new job adventure won't be to stressful while in the midst of planning this trip. And that the people of Mozambique can have their hearts prepared to hear God's message while we are there!