Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Well, I never quite know how to title my posts and lately I haven't even really had anything to blog about. Sure there have been things happening, but I guess life just gets in the way and I end up not blogging. AND since I got a bit of flak ,from people who shall remain nameless (hint, hint MOM!!... J/K!) , about not updating enough I thought I should go ahead and update....

So, I'm going to post what is going on with each of us right now.......

Kaitlyn: Had a good year for 4th grade except for a falling out between her and her 2 best friends at school. She made straight A's all year and is excelling in reading. She is thrilled that she got the teacher she wanted for 5th grade, and I'm hoping for a better year friends wise this next year.

She has been having severe allergies. The poor girl has a runny/stuffy nose just about all year and then in the spring/summer months she gets these horribly puffy, red, watery, itchy eyes. I took her to our pediatrician to find out if there is something more we could be doing and he recommended we take her to an allergist.

So, today she went and had allergy testing done. She is very happy to report that she is not allergic to our cats or dog. However, she is allergic to all grasses, several trees and several weeds. We are starting some eye drops to see if they help. They also have her on some nasal spray (that should be interesting the first time she tries it) as well as having her try a netti pot. If you are not familiar with a netti pot let me assure you that it does not look pleasant but I have been told that it really isn't that bad. What you do is take body temperature water mixed with a baking soda/salt solution and pour it in one nostril and come out the other side. Like I said not pleasant, however, Kaitlyn told me she wants to try it because she is really tired of these allergies. The Dr. has also advised us to have her do immunothearapy (allergy shots) with the thoughts that the shots will eliminate these allergies so she doesn't suffer with them her entire life. They are quite involved starting at 2 per week and then slowly going down to a week, then a month, then to have nothing! She told me before they even tested her that if she was allergic to cats she was doing the shots, now that she knows she is not allergic to cats I'm not so sure she wants the shots but she did say it would be nice not to have allergies anymore. So, we are going to think about it a pray about it. We will see how the other treatments work for her and decide by her next appointment in 3 weeks.

Aidan: He had a wonderful year of kindergarten. He progressed quite a bit this year! I am going to have him read to me every week day this summer so he can keep his reading level up. He keeps me on my toes though and is always cracking me up. His latest Aidanism "Hey Mom, I'm roasting like a chicken!" Where does this kid come up with this stuff ?!

Aaron and I are going through some tough decisions right now. We are thinking about leaving our church that we have been members of for the last 5 years. We have been through a lot with this church, from pastors leaving to changing the constitution to several things in between. We met with the Sr. Pastor back in May and he told us to go to him with any questions or concerns and when Aaron sent an email to him and the associate pastor Aaron was called by the associate and basically chewed out. Aaron was called rude and was told that as the chairman of the deacon board he isn't a leader in the church. We have pretty much decided that there are things going on in this church that we can't support and do not condone. We were trying to work through things, and several of our friends have already left. We felt like we had made a commitment to this church and wanted to continue on there. We love the people, but we feel that it is best if we move on. I was still struggling with not leaving and had told Aaron I would commit through December since I had already been asked to choreograph a piece for Hands of Praise for Christmas, but because of things that have been done and said I really don't think we are going to make it that long. Aaron and I don't really know what else to do and will continue to pray about it. We could use lots of prayers in our decision making process though.