Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So scary and feeling blessed!

You know that a phone call beginning with "I'm Okay, but..." is never going to turn out very good. I received a phone call like that yesterday morning. To find out that Aaron had been in a car accident. He was just past the 15-215 split when he hit a very large patch of ice. He started to loose control of the car and it fishtailed a few times before finally spinning him all the way around. He came to a stop facing the wrong way on the shoulder of the on ramp to the 215, with the drivers side up against the K-rail. He saw a big Ford F150 coming towards him hitting that same patch of ice. There was not much Aaron could do, so he braced for impact. Luckily, nobody was hurt much. Aaron does have some whiplash that he is seeing a chiropractor for. The driver of the F150 was trying to say that Aaron was stopped in the middle of the highway, but you can clearly see that their was damage to the back bumper where the car was against the rail. What was really scary was that in the course of 30 minutes while waiting for the Highway patrol there were 2 more accidents. Aaron finally asked the officer if they could get someone out to spray the deicing solution so that it wouldn't happen anymore, and a few minutes later there were 3 plows that came and took care of it. I am feeling very blessed right now that he wasn't hurt more and that the other people were not hurt. Aaron is a little frustrated that he got cited for "exsessive speed for road conditions", he was only going 20 MPH when he hit the ice and asked the officer what an acceptable speed would have been on ice...The officer didn't have an answer but told him to take it to court, so that is what we will be doing. Now we are just trying to deal with all of the insurance stuff and I'm waiting for the tow truck to come pick up the car. Aaron wanted to have it towed yesterday and the officer told him it was fine to drive! I told him that he could have got pulled over for driving it like that! Anyways, I am thankful that Aaron is OK. It was quite a scary phone call though!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I need to write this down before I forget it....

Yesterday, when Aaron got up he saw Aidan sitting in front of the television. Aidan was watching an infomercial and when Aidan saw Aaron he said "Hey, dad come here you've got to see this!" Aaron said "What are you watching bud?" Aidan says "It's the Rug Doctor! You've got to get mom one of these! It cleans down deep." Aaron said "You think mom would like one" "Yes, Mom NEEDS one" says my son. Aaron asked him if he would rather watch cartoons. The answer to that "No, I'm learning about the Rug Doctor so that I can tell mom all about it!"

Apparently, he was pretty impressed. We are thinking we may have to go rent one so that he can use it :D And who says infomercials don't work!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I know, I know. It has been forever.

It has been so long since I last posted anything that I'm sure people don't even check my blog anymore. Honestly, I have thought about posting and have great ideas of an entry and then I just get doing other things and don't post. I want to try to post more, mostly for my own record keeping of the kids lives. So, I'm going to go back a bit in this post and try to catch up on some things...

November was a great month. We had Thanksgiving with some good friends of ours. The turkey turned out great and the time with friends was also great. We went and saw the movie "Bolt" and laughed all the way through it. Definitely a must see! The day after Thanksgiving was a blast. I got up early (3 am. ) and went black Friday shopping with the same friend that we had Tday with. We had a blast and were able to help each other get everything on our lists. We also went to First night at the Gateway and saw the "Upside down piano man" it was a fun way to kick off the Christmas season.

December was also a great month. We had 2 parties here at the house. One for the deacon team and one for Aaron's co workers. Both were fairly small in number, but it was a fun time to just get to have people over and get to know them better. We had our Hands of Praise Christmas Concert this month as well. I taught 3 girls a flag routine to Silent Night by Sarah McLaughlin. They did a super job learning the routine and performing it in front of an audience without me in front of them! The concert was a big success and many people told us this one was probably the best concert ever! We went caroling at Pastor Kevin's house

because he has been going through some spiritual battles and it was freezing, but we had fun surprising them. Christmas Eve we performed some of our H.O.P. songs for the service and enjoyed all the other acts as well. I love the candlelight portion of the service. Afterwards we came home and read the Christmas story from the book of Luke which is a tradition of ours. We then let the kids open the jammies and robes. And as usual they both got a Christmas book. We read the stories and sent them off to bed. Santa came to fill the stockings and on Christmas morning we woke up to a huge snowstorm and had a very white Christmas! We enjoyed opening our stockings and gifts...Aidan loved his Nintendo DS and Kaitlyn was thrilled to get her very own Ipod nano. We then spoke with our families on the phone. Then we headed over to our friends house to have Christmas dinner with them. It was such a nice time, we got to meet her mom and Step father and his sister and brother in law. Their kids had also gotten DS's for Christmas and the 2 boys sat right next to each other in the chair and played their games the entire time we were there...It was very cute and I totally forgot to get a picture of it! After dinner we had been invited to go over to some other friends house and we had a good time playing with their Christmas
present, Rock Band. Aaron had 2 weeks off and we pretty much just relaxed and had a good time being a family....
Kaitlyn celebrated her birthday on Dec. 30th. She turned 10. We went out to dinner and then Dakota spent the night. Kaitlyn had her party on the first Saturday in January (after the new years) and invited 5 girls to go sledding. It was a lot of fun!

January has been a fun month we celebrated New Years with our friends playing Rock Band again. Everyone made it until New Years. I spoke about Kaitlyn's party already. Other than that there isn't much else to tell right now. Well, I guess that catches me up to this point at least.