Saturday, March 31, 2007

Handling a situation with love, grace and forgiveness.

As per my last post I was really angry with the people we carpool with. So, I called them that day and told them that I no longer work for JetBlue and that I will be more than happy to take the afternoon pickups. See, the mom was not too keen about afternoon's because she has a kindergardener (half days) who she picks up as well. Well, after I called and spoke with the husband I didn't think much else about it, but later that night she called me.
She said "So I heard you quit your job" and
I said yes, but it has been in the works but today I felt it was time to just let it go. She then said "I'm sure you were really angry with me today"
"I was upset that my daughter was picked up by someone who I don't know and taken to a strange home, and while I don't doubt your judgement in chacter I don't like the fact that she was sent home with some one I have never met"
She apologized several times, and I told her that I forgive her. It was a bad judgement call, and she knows she would have been angry if it had happened to her. I was glad that I had time to calm down before speaking with her, so that I could speak with her with a forgiving heart.

As for Kaitlyn, we had always told her to not go with strangers. But when the school office calls your class room and tells you that you are to ride home with a certain mom who are you to doubt that. We did have a long conversation about it though. I did tell her that if she is EVER told to go home with someone she doesn't know is supposed to pick her up then she is to go to the office and tell them she needs to check with her mom first. Especially if it is someone she doesn't know, but even if it is someone she does know but I didn't tell her would be picking her up. She cried a bit, but I did explain to her that I wasn't angry with her, just with Heather for having someone I don't know take her with them. It was a good learning lesson for her, and she knows if it wasn't the right person it could have been really scary.

So even though this was a really bad situation I do think that some good has come out of it.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reaffirming my decision.

First of all I want to thank everyone for their kind posts about me leaving JetBlue. Every time I turn around right now I feel affirmed in our decision. Today's was one of the greatest affirmations yet.
I usually work 3:15-9:15 Mon-Thurs. Today, I did start my shift at 3:15 but I am still sick so I went into "after call" (it basically stops the calls coming in) and went upstairs to refill my water. While up there the phone rang and it was the lady I carpool with. She said she went skiing with her husband and it was very crowded so they were getting back late... so she called someone else and had her take the girls to their house until she could pick them up. This made me so angry! I do not know this parent at all, I have no clue where she lives and my daughter is at her house???? And you did not even bother to call me??? Well, I said ok (it was too late Kaitlyn was already there) and I had to get back to work. Well, when I got back my heart was racing, partly from the cold and partly from being upset/worried/mad so I called work and told them that I was done for the day. I am just so angry that a person that is supposed to be responsible for my daughter sent her home with someone I don't know!
I am mulling over what I should say to this parent, but I need to cool down before hand. Right now I am leaning to taking my equipment into JetBlue and saying I'm done right now. That way I can call this parent and tell her the same thing.
So, yes every where I turn right now God is reaffirming my decision.

****Update: I have decided that as of today I no longer work for JetBlue. I will be picking Kaitlyn up in the afternoons and she will be dropped off in the morning's by the father of the people we carpool with (who is much more reliable than his wife) and that way I know she won't be going anywhere else.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Happiest place on earth and decisions.

We had a wonderful time at my mom and dad's. We ended up driving the 11 hours it takes because flights were so full. We had a fun time on the drive out though. The kids brought along their CD's so we played them and sang funny so the drive didn't seem too bad.
Disneyland was a lot of fun! The kids had a great time and we did a lot of things that we didn't get to do last time. We took them on the little roller coaster in toon town and Aidan loved it. (I never did get Kaitlyn to go on space mountain with me). We had a blast but really missed having Aaron their with us. I wish I could post some pictures of our fun trip but I left the camera at home so I will have to get the pictures from my parents before I can post them.
The drive home seemed a lot longer and that could be that I was on the verge of getting sick. That night I started getting a sore throat and I woke up yesterday with a really bad sore throat and a stuffy head. Today I feel like I have something pounding my head so I am hoping to get some time off work....
Speaking of work, while driving I had lots of time to think and pray over my job. I have not been happy working their for awhile now. And after being forced to work overtime I was really upset. And While looking to see how much time off I have accrued I also noticed that I was not paid for those 4 hours that I was forced to work.
Also, with Aaron's new job the kids are by themselves more than I would like. Aidan just doesn't understand the concept of being quiet while I am working. We have tried movies and snacks and things and he is just too much of a distraction. Right now it isn't so bad because it is only 45 mins until Kaitlyn is home and then they play upstairs together. In about 4 weeks though I am starting a new shift that would require him to be with me for several hours. I would start at 1:15, and I just don't see how we are going to work it.
We have looked into putting him into daycare for those hours, but it would take my entire month's salary to do that. So, then I would be miserable (because I dislike the job) and my son would be in daycare...something that Aaron and I had always said that we didn't want to do. I would only be working for the flight benefits and we can't even make it on flights. So, I have decided to turn in my resignation. This has been a very difficult decision for me, and Aaron says he supports whatever I feel is best. I may go back to it when Aidan goes back to school, but I am also looking for another job that I may like better.
While I thought that working from home would be one of the best things I could do, I have really hated it this entire year. You are completely and totally alone in your room, with people yelling at you and wanting you to fix whatever problems they have. There is no one to vent to, and if you pause to take a breath before the next call comes in it goes against your stats, of which you only have 1 min per week to make extra notes in people's records, to stop and go to the bathroom or to just stop and take a mental breath before heading on to the next person.
A minute is not a long time to accomplish all of that, and you find your mental health seconds disappearing. You have a supervisor that communicates via email, but sometimes that just isn't enough. While doing this job I have been called stupid, idiot, a bitch and several other names that I don't have the time to list. I have had to listen to people chew their food, use the toilet, and swear at their kids and threaten suicide...all in the name of good customer service.
So, right now our little family is going through a lot of changes, some for the better such as Aaron's new job, and some not so good, such as me quitting. But I know that God has a better plan for us and that mentally and emotionally I will be a better mom and wife than I am right now. I know that this is what God is leading me to do and I am ok with that, I don't know how it will all work out but that is what makes God so wonderful! So, please say a prayer for us that God will direct us in the ways he wants us to go and that we will listen.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Off to the happiest place on earth....

Which would be my mom and dad's! Well, we are going to Disneyland too, which is technically the happiest place, but for me it is my mom and dads. I can't wait to see them and several other members of my family!
Only bummer, we (the kids and I) may end up driving instead. The flights look really booked, so we will try to make it, but we may just end up driving. Aaron is going to stay home and do work stuff. We are sad that he can't come this time, but I am looking forward to 5 entire days off from work!!! As busy as we have been lately I totally need a break.
The kids are making their lists of what they rides they want to hit first. I'm trying to talk Kaitlyn into going on Space Mountain with me, but so far she is not budging. Maybe I can get My mom to go instead.
I'll make sure to post some photo's when we get back! TTFN! (TaTa for Now!)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wow, time sure flies.

It doesn't seem like all this time has passed since I last blogged. Life has just been very hectic since Aaron received that promotion.
I did not get the Analyst job, and to be honest I did not think I would get it. I don't have any experience with that, although if trained I know I could do it well. So, I am still watching for something else within the company.
I am struggling with my job right now. The new bill of rights has made people think that we can give them whatever they demand and they yell at us all the time. Lately, I have been very grateful for the few nice calls I get. Before the 14th the majority of the people were really nice and I was enjoying it. Now I dread going to work every day. To make matters worse, the call volumes have been extremely high and they are "strongly encouraging us to work overtime" almost every weekend. I am one of those who can work very few overtime hours and by adding Aaron's new job to the mix it has made things even worse. He has not been getting home until after 6 almost every night since starting this job. I am pulled by work and my kids trying to balance it. I have looked into taking a leave of absence just until Aaron's job gets into a more normal pace, but it doesn't look like my work will let me have anything like that. Anyways, I digress I am just a little stressed out being pulled in several different ways and not knowing which is best. I really don't want to quit with JetBlue, but I really don't know what the best answer is. I am praying that I will be shown the way I should go, but right now I just don't have a clear answer. OK, onto other things....
Next weekend I am taking the kids to California to visit my mom and dad. I am looking forward to it, and the kids are really excited that Poppa is funding a trip to Disneyland. Yes, again. My mom sent me an email and asked where the kids would like to go. So, I asked them and they both yelled "DISNEYLAND!" So, we will be there next Friday, me, the kids and Grammie and Poppa. Aaron is staying home because he will be in a class and just can't get away right now, but I wanted to go see my parents while Kaitlyn is on break.
Speaking of the kids....They spent the last 3 days at Aunt Janet's and Grammie and Poppa's (Aaron's parents). They had a blast. But next time we will have to remember to take clothes with us. It was totally spontaneous and so much fun for them. We went to borrow Aaron's parents car until we can afford to buy another one (Aaron's last job provided him a truck so we didn't need another vehicle). We met halfway between the 2 houses and Kaitlyn casually said "I wish I could go with Poppa". Well, Aunt Janet said "I don't see why not." and then proceeded to tell me she was coming this way Wednesday so she could bring her back then. Well then of course Aidan wants to go to, so they both end up going. They bought some clothes, toothbrushes and toys at the dollar store while up there. They really did have a great time! Thank you Aunt Janet and Grammie and Poppa! They are already talking about going back to do it again.
Aaron and I enjoyed having some time to ourselves, and being kid less for a few days. I was able to get a lot done around the house without being interrupted a million times. But I did miss them a lot. Things seemed too quiet around here, and I am glad to have them home.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to Aaron!!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I can't believe that we have been married for almost 10 years and have shared almost 1/3 of our lives together. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with a wonderful husband. I am so proud to be your wife and I love you more today than I ever have. I wish you all the best on your day!
Love you, love me.

Photo taken on our honeymoon at St. Patricks point in Northern Calfornia. In 1997.

Interview update.

Well, I think my interview went well. It was an actual interview this time. I should hear something by Wednesday they said, so we will see. I don't have my hopes up but it would be a great position to have. Thanks for thinking of me!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wish me luck...again!

I am interviewing tomorrow for a systems analysis position. It would be a full time office position, no more working crazy hours. And I would be off the phones. I will be interviewing with the same girl that I did when I went in for the auditing position. So, I don't have my hopes up very much. But hey it doesn't hurt to try. My only problem is that I don't have any experience with something like this, but I think I can do it. Esp. if they give me training, then I would be able to pick it up no problem.
Anyways, say a little prayer for me tomorrow. Thanks!