Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wow, time sure flies.

It doesn't seem like all this time has passed since I last blogged. Life has just been very hectic since Aaron received that promotion.
I did not get the Analyst job, and to be honest I did not think I would get it. I don't have any experience with that, although if trained I know I could do it well. So, I am still watching for something else within the company.
I am struggling with my job right now. The new bill of rights has made people think that we can give them whatever they demand and they yell at us all the time. Lately, I have been very grateful for the few nice calls I get. Before the 14th the majority of the people were really nice and I was enjoying it. Now I dread going to work every day. To make matters worse, the call volumes have been extremely high and they are "strongly encouraging us to work overtime" almost every weekend. I am one of those who can work very few overtime hours and by adding Aaron's new job to the mix it has made things even worse. He has not been getting home until after 6 almost every night since starting this job. I am pulled by work and my kids trying to balance it. I have looked into taking a leave of absence just until Aaron's job gets into a more normal pace, but it doesn't look like my work will let me have anything like that. Anyways, I digress I am just a little stressed out being pulled in several different ways and not knowing which is best. I really don't want to quit with JetBlue, but I really don't know what the best answer is. I am praying that I will be shown the way I should go, but right now I just don't have a clear answer. OK, onto other things....
Next weekend I am taking the kids to California to visit my mom and dad. I am looking forward to it, and the kids are really excited that Poppa is funding a trip to Disneyland. Yes, again. My mom sent me an email and asked where the kids would like to go. So, I asked them and they both yelled "DISNEYLAND!" So, we will be there next Friday, me, the kids and Grammie and Poppa. Aaron is staying home because he will be in a class and just can't get away right now, but I wanted to go see my parents while Kaitlyn is on break.
Speaking of the kids....They spent the last 3 days at Aunt Janet's and Grammie and Poppa's (Aaron's parents). They had a blast. But next time we will have to remember to take clothes with us. It was totally spontaneous and so much fun for them. We went to borrow Aaron's parents car until we can afford to buy another one (Aaron's last job provided him a truck so we didn't need another vehicle). We met halfway between the 2 houses and Kaitlyn casually said "I wish I could go with Poppa". Well, Aunt Janet said "I don't see why not." and then proceeded to tell me she was coming this way Wednesday so she could bring her back then. Well then of course Aidan wants to go to, so they both end up going. They bought some clothes, toothbrushes and toys at the dollar store while up there. They really did have a great time! Thank you Aunt Janet and Grammie and Poppa! They are already talking about going back to do it again.
Aaron and I enjoyed having some time to ourselves, and being kid less for a few days. I was able to get a lot done around the house without being interrupted a million times. But I did miss them a lot. Things seemed too quiet around here, and I am glad to have them home.


Delta Linda said...

It was our pleasure to have the kids.
They are fun, really love their Papa to death.

Lilian said...

Shannon! It's so funny that you are going to Disneyland next week! Remember last time you went and I was there with my son just a couple of days later? Well, guess what? LOL... HE is there RIGHT NOW! So funny! I hope you have a great time and I hope things can slow down for you and you can take some time for YOU!

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness that is too funny Lilian! Next time we ought to just plan to go together, as much as we both love it!

Theresa Marie said...

Shannon - I'm sorry you didn't get the job. I hope that something works out for you because it's so draining having a job that is not fun and that you dread going to :( Hope you have fun in Disneyland!