Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My way of relaxing.

Do you have something that you do that totally relaxes you and other people would just find it tedious and crazy? For me that is cutting things out. For instance titles on my scrapbook pages are always cut out by hand. I keep thinking about purchasing one of those new cutters that you hook up to your computer, but while creating this page the other day I found that this is what is relaxing to me.
I think my great grandmother (Mammom is what we called her) must have passed this love on to me. She cut out everything and saved it to put on cards and envelopes to make things look special. She told me the story of why she did that, and I think I'd like to share it with you...
When my Mammom was a little girl she had asked a babysitter to cut something out for her. Well, the babysitter cut it out, but did a terrible job of doing it and left the edges all jagged and awful looking, so Mammom said she vowed that as soon as she was old enough to use scissors she would always cut things out nicely...and she ALWAYS did. She was phenominal with the scissors.
So now whenever I am working on a title I end up thinking about my Mammom and her scissors. And yes cutting out these little tiny letters by hand is something that I enjoy doing. And I have figured out that THIS is what makes my style so me. Almost every page has a hand cut title. It might not be Creating Keepsakes worthy, but it doesn't need to be. I like my style just the way it is.
And just to let you know a little bit about this page.... The picture was taken by my dad at my cousin's wedding last August. The journaling reads: "Aidan, I love this picture Poppa took of you at Scotts wedding. What fun it was for you to drink out of a special "grown up" glass, but this picture also reminds me that someday you wont be my beautiful baby boy, but all grown up drinking champagne at your own wedding...and while I look forward to that day I am so not ready to give up the sticky hugs and kisses and having you all to myself. I love you my beautiful baby boy. Love, Mommy"
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well the trash bags worked

I went into Aidan's room this morning and he cleaned up his whole room and even made his bed. I asked Aaron if he had helped him and Aaron told me he did it all by himself. The punishment must have worked. I was so happy that I let him pick one toy out of the trash bag. When I told him that he told me "I want Kitty" which I knew is what he would go for. So, I told him for each day he keeps his room picked up then he can pick one toy. It seems to be working...but alas I think all hope is lost that Kaitlyn will keep her stuff picked up. A mom can only hope....

Friday, June 23, 2006

I can't take this house anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell ya, I can't wait for Kaitlyn to go back to school. Since she has gone on summer break there is stuff everywhere! Everytime I feel like I am getting a handle on it she adds more to the pile.
We went through her room the other day and got rid of a bunch of things she doesn't play with anymore and cleaned everything up properly. That same day her room was a mess again.
Aidan is on a non cleaning streak and won't help pick up anything, so I took the trash bags to his room yesterday. And yes, even kitty ended up there. (Kitty was laying on the floor with the rest of his stuff).
Aaron has been working on the yards and I'm trying to stay on top of the house, but with the 2 mess makers it is a loosing battle.
And Mom I know you are sitting back thinking "HAHAHA Payback!" I feel horrible about the mess we left you with now that I know how horrible it is to stay on top of everyones stuff.
Vent over. Hopefully by the end of today the house will still be picked up if not clean, I know wishful thinking on my part.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Whew! What a week.

So, we had an incrdible time last week at my parents. Kim was right I am going to become so spoiled knowing that I can fly home for free whenever the feeling strikes....I love that about my job. But our trip was way too short. We flew out on Tuesday morning. I got up at 2:30 to call and make sure we would make it on the plane, and planned on going back to sleep, but Kaitlyn woke up at 3:00 AM so that meant no sleep for mom. We made it on the plane without any problems.
The kids had a blast on the airplane although Kaitlyn had to sit on a different row than us, but just right across from us and she did a grea job. When we got to Long Beach I was taking a picture of the kids infront of the plane, the pilot came out and offered to get a picture of all 3 of us.
We went and saw CARS that afternoon and Aidan loved it. It was a really cute movie. The next day was swimming at Uncle Seans, and then my cousin Kerry came out to visit with us too. The next day it was time for us to come home already. We barely made it on the plane, but we made it onto the very last row and the 3 of us got to ride all together. The kids enjoyed the snacks and behave really well. (Esp since mom took the middle seat so they would be seperated! :0)
Kaitlyn thought it was funny that I had to wear blue gloves. The blue gloves are for cleaning the plane. The company policy is that we are all part of the same team, so therefore if we are on a plane we all need to help clean it. I did my part although they told me since I had the kids I could go, but the kids enjoyed helping to clean too. The pilots even come out and help clean up the cabin. The best part was getting into the pilots seats though, the kids just thought that was the best thing ever!
Then on Friday the kids and Aaron went to a baseball game for the SLC Bees. The game started at 6:00 and they finally got home after 11:00, but the game had not even finished yet. Kaitlyn was a bit disappointed because she didn't get to stay and meet the players, but we had a surprise for her on Saturday that we needed to get up early for. Her cousins Hannah and Seth were at Grammie and Poppa's house. When we told her that she flew out of bed to get ready to go. The kids had a great time playing together and getting dirty. Aaron's Aunt Janet took Kaitlyn and Hannah over to her house and let them pick through this HUGE pile of doll clothes (that Aunt Janet made) that will fit Kaitlyn's american girl doll. Kaitlyn was so excited she and Hannah both ended up with at least 25 outfits apiece. Aidan and Seth played all day long with very little fighting, wich is usually not the case with those 2. All in all it was a great week, but boy was it sure exhausting. Since I worked on Sunday we didn't do anything for father's day. I hope Aaron had a relaxing day though since he is the best daddy ever! We love you Aaron.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Going home...

I'm using my flight perks to go home this week! I am super excited. I haven't seen my mom or dad since November...can't believe it has been that long! The kids are excited because Uncle Sean (my bro) says that they can come over and go swimming in his pool. It is going to be hard to wait until Tuesday to go!