Friday, June 23, 2006

I can't take this house anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell ya, I can't wait for Kaitlyn to go back to school. Since she has gone on summer break there is stuff everywhere! Everytime I feel like I am getting a handle on it she adds more to the pile.
We went through her room the other day and got rid of a bunch of things she doesn't play with anymore and cleaned everything up properly. That same day her room was a mess again.
Aidan is on a non cleaning streak and won't help pick up anything, so I took the trash bags to his room yesterday. And yes, even kitty ended up there. (Kitty was laying on the floor with the rest of his stuff).
Aaron has been working on the yards and I'm trying to stay on top of the house, but with the 2 mess makers it is a loosing battle.
And Mom I know you are sitting back thinking "HAHAHA Payback!" I feel horrible about the mess we left you with now that I know how horrible it is to stay on top of everyones stuff.
Vent over. Hopefully by the end of today the house will still be picked up if not clean, I know wishful thinking on my part.


Prairie Woman said...

Enjoy every piece of junk, before you can turn around too many times, your house will be clean and stay that way and you will wish for just one stuffed toy be dropped on the floor again......junk is better than empty house syndrome.....

Jami said...

Hey Shannon! Believe me, it still happens when they are nine. We finally got fed up with Hannah's junk pile of a room and one day when I went in and found the mess yet again, I totally lost it. Brian and I took away dessert and computer games for a whole month. We wrote on the calendar when the next time we would check would be. After one week we did a preliminary check and found A MESS again, so we added a week to her restriction. It was amazing how motivated she was to change things. Now she makes her bed everyday and keeps everything put away. Seth is a natural cleaner. He makes messes like crazy, but when you say pick it up and put it away, he does. Amazing! Thank goodness I only ended up with one messy kid.
Thanks for coming out to Delta to see us! It was so nice to see you guys.
Love you!

Mom said...

Shannon, I would have posted a message earlier, but I couldn't remember my password (too many to remember with all I use at work!!).

You're right, "Paybacks" did immediately pop into my mind. TeeHee!! Just remember, it only SEEMS like it's forever while you're living thru it. But don't wish it away too quickly - you'll someday miss those messes,fingerprints,stuff ..... once they're gone.