Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So many things going on!!

The Wampler household is full of preparations! We have decided to move. The train tracks behind our house are going to be used for a local light rail commuter train. What this means is that we would have a train going behind our house every 15 minutes. Not fun! When we first moved into this house we asked around about the tracks, we were told that it hardly ever comes through and there were no plans to use them on a regular basis for about 30 years. Then we got some fliers that said they were looking at starting the project in 5 years, and we started talking about moving but still not real worried because it was just rumors. Well, a few weeks ago we heard that is has been bumped up to 18 months because they received funding for it. It is still in talks but we have decided to move while our property price is still above what we owe on it. We love this neighborhood and we really love this house. We are sad to leave it, but are trusting God that he has something better in store for us. Our plan is to have the house listed by the end of the week, which means I am in full cleaning and decluttering mode! Although, I do keep telling Aaron that I don't want to do this. We are hoping to have this house sold by May (which is quite feasible in this area) and hoped to be moved in June.
We are hoping to find a house that needs a lot of renovations (for a good price) that we can totally gut and renovate to our specifications...but if we find something that we absolutely love that doesn't need any work well, we would be open to that too.
Other preparations is that our church is hosting a missions trip to Mozambique, Africa. We have some members of our church that became missionary's over there last year and our church wants to go support them. With that being said Aaron and I are planning on going. I am a definite yes while Aaron has to see when the exact dates are and see if his work schedule will allow it. I am so excited to be able to go to another country and tell them all about God's love for us! While there we will be working in an orphanage, hosting a "True love waits" program to help combat the spread of AIDS, doing a sports program for the teens and going into the bush to tell them stories about God and his incredible love for us! It should be an amazing experience, and I think that is part of the reason we have to move is so that I can go on this trip. I am really praying that Aaron will be able to experience this with me, but he also told me that if he can't go he thinks I should still go. What an amazing husband! Right now the dates are not set in stone but it will be either in September or October. I'm sure I will have lots more to post on this when the training starts for it.
OK, so I've got to get back to the housework, but I wanted to share our news with everyone! Please pray for us! Life has not slowed down one bit since I quit my job, but the blessings sure keep pouring in. God has great things in store for this family!