Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I've been tagged by Kim

In my fridge:
1. Milk

2.Cottage Cheese
3. Last nights dinner left overs...italian pasta shells
4. broccoli
5. a ton of different salad dressings and condiments...I love to try new dressings, but I don't always love the dressing so there they sit until I decide to clean it out.

In my closet:
1. Clothes
2. 2 iris carts that are being used for our sock and undies drawers
3. a canvas box that holds all of our winter scarfs, gloves and hats
4. cleaning solutions for the bathroom (our closet is in our bathroom)
5. Shoes

In my handbag:
1. my day planner
2. makeup
3. hand lotion
4. antibacteria gel
5. gum

In my car:

1. a box of kleenex
2. aidan's booster seat
3. a notepad
4. dust
5. a Martina Mcbride Cd

On my TIVO/DVR/etc.
1. About 3 episodes of Er needing to be watched by my hubby
2. An episode of the west wing also waiting to be watched by my hubby
Other than that there is nothing on it. We are all caught up.

I'm going to tag Stacy.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

We had a meeting at Kaitlyn's school the other night to determine what school the kids in our neighborhood should go to. Seems like they really don't know where to put us. Half of our community go to one school and the other half go to the other school. East vs West. Well the meeting was pretty informative. One thing I didn't know what that with the school Kaitlyn goes to right now when she gets to middle school she will not be going to the same middle school as all of the friends she is making currently. I don't like that because I think when children hit the middle school age they really need their friends to help guide them through that really awkward time.
At the meeting we were given 7 choices. Only one of which seems like a good choice to me, but the other parents were not happy about that choice. It was to send them all to the year round school that is right up the street from us. (the other parents didn't like the year round idea...I'm not too sure how I feel on that one.)
Aaron and I got to talking about it and we really liked the principal of the year round school. I was told that we could go get a special permit to have her put into that school. The changes that the school board are looking into would not happen until the 07-08 school year. We think if she has to change it would benefit her to change now. So, I went and toured the school. It was really nice, and they are remodling it this summer so it will be even better when she gets there. We talked with her about it and she seems to like the idea ok. She will miss the friends she made this year, but really why wait and let her bond further with those friends when she will be pulled away from them later. So, it looks like change is in order for her and us, but in the long run we think it will be the best for her...
Now we just have to decide on what track we like!