Saturday, March 31, 2007

Handling a situation with love, grace and forgiveness.

As per my last post I was really angry with the people we carpool with. So, I called them that day and told them that I no longer work for JetBlue and that I will be more than happy to take the afternoon pickups. See, the mom was not too keen about afternoon's because she has a kindergardener (half days) who she picks up as well. Well, after I called and spoke with the husband I didn't think much else about it, but later that night she called me.
She said "So I heard you quit your job" and
I said yes, but it has been in the works but today I felt it was time to just let it go. She then said "I'm sure you were really angry with me today"
"I was upset that my daughter was picked up by someone who I don't know and taken to a strange home, and while I don't doubt your judgement in chacter I don't like the fact that she was sent home with some one I have never met"
She apologized several times, and I told her that I forgive her. It was a bad judgement call, and she knows she would have been angry if it had happened to her. I was glad that I had time to calm down before speaking with her, so that I could speak with her with a forgiving heart.

As for Kaitlyn, we had always told her to not go with strangers. But when the school office calls your class room and tells you that you are to ride home with a certain mom who are you to doubt that. We did have a long conversation about it though. I did tell her that if she is EVER told to go home with someone she doesn't know is supposed to pick her up then she is to go to the office and tell them she needs to check with her mom first. Especially if it is someone she doesn't know, but even if it is someone she does know but I didn't tell her would be picking her up. She cried a bit, but I did explain to her that I wasn't angry with her, just with Heather for having someone I don't know take her with them. It was a good learning lesson for her, and she knows if it wasn't the right person it could have been really scary.

So even though this was a really bad situation I do think that some good has come out of it.


Regeniatorrance said...

I am very proud of you, you said and did the right thing. love you

Lilian said...

Wow Shannon! I've just rad the last few post and I can certainly tell you have had enough! LOL! I'm sorry you've had to quit your job but it sounds like it's for the best. I do wonder why the person doing the picking up that day didn't just bring her home? Why did they take Kaitlyn to their house?? It is very wise to have her check with you in case of this happening again in the future. Personally, I hate carpools and will not join one! I am an impatient person who hates waiting for someone to pick my child up and I hate having to wait for someone else's child. It's just way less stressful for me to not have to deal with other people and their kids sometimes! LOL! I hope you are able to find something more suitable for you to do if you feel the need to have another job! HUGS!

Delta Linda said...

I hope and pray that Kaitlyn understands that all of us love her so much that if something happens to her, it would kill all of us. Her Papa and I have both cried at the thought of having something happen to our beautiful granddaughter. Going to the office is because we love her, not that we are mad at her. Papa is not even sure about the father. This world is so evil, God help us all make the right choices in life.
Gone are the days when kids could play, walk and go anywhere even after dark, even here in our Utah.
We love you all, and all things will be ok....just cut out that raw fish junk!!!!lol

Nikki *Ü* said...

Oh my. While I can see why you were upset with this mom, I think you should probably also talk to the school about them approving that message be delivered to your daughter. I would think they would be more strict than that. Interesting. I also agree with Lilian...why didn't they just bring her home?

I'm glad you feel at peace with your decision to leave JetBlue. Good luck with what you decide to do next and I hope this means the Lord has something else in mind for you, as I'm sure he does.

Kim said...

Good for you! I'm glad it all worked out and the parent apologized to you. And what a scary lesson for Kaitlyn to learn. Sounds like you handled the situation with the grace and dignity you possess.