Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reaffirming my decision.

First of all I want to thank everyone for their kind posts about me leaving JetBlue. Every time I turn around right now I feel affirmed in our decision. Today's was one of the greatest affirmations yet.
I usually work 3:15-9:15 Mon-Thurs. Today, I did start my shift at 3:15 but I am still sick so I went into "after call" (it basically stops the calls coming in) and went upstairs to refill my water. While up there the phone rang and it was the lady I carpool with. She said she went skiing with her husband and it was very crowded so they were getting back late... so she called someone else and had her take the girls to their house until she could pick them up. This made me so angry! I do not know this parent at all, I have no clue where she lives and my daughter is at her house???? And you did not even bother to call me??? Well, I said ok (it was too late Kaitlyn was already there) and I had to get back to work. Well, when I got back my heart was racing, partly from the cold and partly from being upset/worried/mad so I called work and told them that I was done for the day. I am just so angry that a person that is supposed to be responsible for my daughter sent her home with someone I don't know!
I am mulling over what I should say to this parent, but I need to cool down before hand. Right now I am leaning to taking my equipment into JetBlue and saying I'm done right now. That way I can call this parent and tell her the same thing.
So, yes every where I turn right now God is reaffirming my decision.

****Update: I have decided that as of today I no longer work for JetBlue. I will be picking Kaitlyn up in the afternoons and she will be dropped off in the morning's by the father of the people we carpool with (who is much more reliable than his wife) and that way I know she won't be going anywhere else.


Stacy said...

Shannon that would have made me very upset too. That is terrible that she didn't even bother to call you beforehand.

You are doing the right thing!

Delta Linda said...

You probably should have blocked this blog writing from your Mother-in-law. I am probably as mad as you are. It is too late to undo what happened today, but you can make sure it never happens again. If Kaitlyn ever has to be picked up by anyone Kaitlyn does not know, even if her friends go with the stranger, she walks quickly into the office and sits there until she can call one of her parents on the phone. If you keep working, you must have phone available for her to call you. I would pitch a fit at the school along with that carpool lady....and last but not least, who was to take care of Aidan? I never did like that carpool lady and now I like her even less.

Delta Linda said...

that's could take to school if needed too.....gooooood going!!!!!!!

Regeniatorrance said...

I agree with my sister KAITLYN should have said no and gone to the office for them to call you. love to all Aunt Regenia

{Betsy} said...

You are definitely doing the right thing ~ your children must come first! I cannot believe the audacity of someone to leave your child at a stranger's house, and without your permission! That is so not right! I would be angry, too! I know you have not been happy with this job for quite awhile and that you have made the right decision.

Theresa Marie said...

WOW - what a hard situation... I hope that you have the love and patience to deal with it how God wants you to.

I am honestly glad to hear that you'll be quiting JetBlue. Everytime you said something about your job, it sounded stressful and like you hated it. Good for you for doing something hard (quiting a job) and realize your family needs at this moment in time. You're a wonderful mother and wife for that!

Kim said...

I agree with you 110% Shannon! I would have done the same thing. Some parents just don't 'think'!

And, do you feel relief now that you resigned from JB? I'm sure you are thinking and feeling much better and making your decision final. I suppose "Congratulations" wouldn't be out of order, would it?

I also hope you feel better. Try and get some much needed rest!