Monday, August 25, 2008

For the record....

I have sat down a couple of times to update on my brother's wedding and such, but I have been getting distracted and not really being able to concentrate on what to write.
I do plan on updating soon, my baby starts kindergarten next week so I'll have lots of free time.

The Evanjafrica kickoff went really well and I have a lot to do with that.

Also, I'm not sure which "Mary" posted on my blog, as I know a few, about missing family (which I do miss them all the time and wish that we could live closer) but no we have no plans to move back to California at this time. Aaron's job is here in Utah and unless they build a training center in California, Utah is where we will be. And right now even if we wanted to move back we couldn't sell our house. The housing market is so terrible right now. So, there are no plans to move even in the distant future.


Linda said...

That was a good update. Now you see why I call Aaron my baby. You never get away from them being the youngest.

Theresa Marie said...

Hey Girl!!! I love reading your updates - even though I don't comment much. It must be hard to send off your baby to school! I'm so not ready for that!!! So big hugs to you! :)