Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So, I finish a project, but no time to photograph it.

I was asked to make a recipie book for a friend at church who is moving away. This thing tooke me a long time to finish, but it turned out so nice! I just wish that I had had time to photograph it. She loved it, and that made me feel good since my work was appreciated. She scrapbooks so she knew how much work was put into it.
We have been so busy this summer. Kaitlyn has gone to 2 VBS, and we have been swimming every week at this really neat pool here. It has a whole playground in the water, slides, tunnels and all sorts of things that squirt water everywhere, the kids love going. Then we went to Lagoon Monday which was so much fun for the kids. We spent money on a ticket for Aidan (you have to pay if he is going to ride the rides) thinking that it would go to waste, but he had more fun that Kaitlyn I think. He rode this ride that went so fast and LOVED it! I thought once it started going he would cry, but he just said WHEE!!! So cute.
Now I have to go start getting my house in shape for a bunch of people to come and stay here. I am on a private scrapbooking board, and we are having an all weekend crop. I was asked to let everyone come and sleep here, it should be a lot of fun! Everyone comes in one week (next Thursday) and will be leaving on Sunday. I think there will be about 8 ladies over...I told Aaron he might want to run away for the evenings, but he is a trooper and doesn't mind a bit. Durring the day's we will be gone scrapbooking, and some of the girls are teaching a class on how to make something. We are making albums, cards, dry embossing and all sorts of stuff. Should be a great weekend.
On the job front, I have been so busy working on projects for other people, and keeping the kids entertained this summer that I have had absolutely no time to just sit and play around to create some projects for the Stampin Up position. I think the are always looking for concept artists, so I can just keep plugging along on some samples and when I get enough submit a resume, they want at least 10 samples.
Well, I have written a book so best be getting back to cleaning...YUCK!

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Stacy said...

I would have loved to see the album!! However, I do understand being busy so I will let it slide this time! How much is it to go to that pool? I think I know which one you are speaking about.

My SU convention starts on Monday. I'm so good friend is coming into town on Friday!!