Sunday, October 30, 2005


That is what I am right now. I have spent the last week up at our church setting up for our churches annual Fall Festival. It is a Christian alternative to halloween.
I originally signed up just to help decorate. Come in do some decorations and go home, enjoy my night with the kids...YEAH RIGHT! I get this call about a month before fall festival starts from our Minister of Education (MOE) asking me if I would be the head of set up. Ok, I could do that, a little more shopping on my part, buying the decorations no problem. I am then told that we would be doing this with 3 other churches! And that MOE was not going to be there for 3 days prior to the event...YIKES! Well, things went off without a hitch. The kids had a great time, almost everything got done and the MOE said she was definitely asking me to run it again next year...ACK! That's what I get for volunteering! LOL!
But it does feel good to pull of such a large event successfully! Now I'm going to bed!

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Kim said...

Get some sleep girl! Sounds like you need it. The fall festival sounds like it was a lot of fun. I'm sure all your hard work and dedication was appreciated by all who attended.