Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Excited and nervous at the same time!

I am so excited for my interview with Jet Blue this Saturday. I'm nervous about it, but I feel a peace about the interview also. I'm sure the closer it gets the more nervous I will get, but for the most part I'm just excited.
Now I'm just trying to figure out what happens if I do get the job. I have to figure out what to do with Kaitlyn in the mornings before the bus comes, and where to take Aidan while I'm in training for 4 weeks. I know if I'm supposed to have this job that things will start opening up, but I have to figure it out pretty quickly.
Other than that I'm getting ready to teach a crafts class at my church on Friday, and then Saturday night Aaron and I are going out on a date! I'm so looking forward to that, it has been too long since we have been out together by ourselves.

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Kim Hamrick said...

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you. I hope like all get out you get the job with JetBlue!! Keep us posted!