Friday, February 24, 2006

WOW It has been awhile since I blogged last.

So much has happened this last month I just haven't even had the time to sit down and update my blog. The first thing that happened was Aidan has his birthday party. This was the first party for him and he had a great time.

We also went to the UofU gymnastics game with our girl scout troop. Ufortunately, I wasn't feeling well before we left and forgot my camera. The girls had a great time, although the meet and greet was very disappointing. The U won and it was fun to watch. It gave Kaitlyn the bug to want to do gymnastics or dance...I'm not sure where she thinks we are going to add this extra stuff though, we have too much going on as it is.
So, I told her maybe she can pick something up in the summer when we don't have AWANA'S and Girl Scouts...although we might just like the time to be at home.
It snowed this weekend and Kaitlyn was excited to finally be able to use the Snowman kit that Aunt Janay got them for Chrismas. He sure did turn out cute (and that little thing she is holding is a small snowman that she built on her own.)
They had a great time, and Aidan helped too, but he got too cold and tired and had to go take his nap.
And one last thing to report on....Jet Blue sent me and email last Friday. The employment verification company that they used didn't update my file with either of the letter's Stacy wrote for me, and they didn't do any employment verification. So, I am having to do all the leg work. I have to get a letter from my previous emloyer at Yucaipa Christian Preschool, and luckily I have a W-2 form from when I worked at Brethren Preschool because most of the people that worked there when I did have moved on. AND I have to have another Proffesional refrence letter, so my friend Renee has sent me one...Thank You Renee! I have contacted Yucaipa Christian Preschool, but Frankie (the director) wasn't there, so I'm going to keep trying. Anyways, It is good to know that I am still in the running for Jet Blue! I was thinking of going to work at our Churches Mother's Day Out program (a 2 day a week preschool), just for Aidan to go and socialize a few days a week. BUT I have no desire to go back into the preschool work force. It was reall reassuring to me, when I got the email, that I should keep holding on for the Jet Blue position.


Theresa Marie said...

yay - the birthday party looked like fun and the snowman is way cute! Tell Kaitlyn she did an awesome job :) Glad you are still in the running for JetBlue... I was wondering how that was coming along ever since you posted about the interview you did - be sure to keep us updated on that ;)

Stacy said...

WOW...finally an update!! Cute snowman! I'm sorry you are haivng to deal with all that Jet Blue stuff, but it seems like a good sign!

Kim Hamrick said...

Glad to see you finally updated your blog!
Question: what is ther red tape on the armoir unit for?
Glad the kids are having fun. That's a mighty big snowman!
Good luck on JetBlue! The e-mail sounds promising. Keep us posted!

Celeste said...

The party looks like FUN! Happy Birthday Aiden!

What is a snowman kit???