Thursday, January 26, 2006

The internet is an amazing thing!

I have a myspace account to help me keep in touch with my sister, brother, and my brother's girlfriend. Yesterday, I was posting to my brother and I got a message from a long, lost friend! My mom and her mom are best friends, and we basically grew up together. After I graduated high school I lost touch with her for the most part. We were as close as sisters, so I always wonder how she is doing. It was so good to hear from her yesterday! She sent me her email address, and I was able to send her a nice email and I got a lengthy one from her in return!
What an amazing tool that we have! After years of not talking with a dear friend and then all of the sudden we are able to reconnect while being state's away from each other. I hope that we are able to stay connected. I am so thankful for these new fangled things that weren't even part of our vocabulary 15 years ago, and today it keeps us connected to people we live far away from, helps us to create new friendships with people we would have never met without the internet, and reconnects us with long lost friends!


Heather D. White said...

I definitely agree....OBVIOUSLY, since I'm one of your internet geek buddies! LOL! You're right definitely is a pretty incredible thing we have!!

Kim Hamrick said...

That is pretty neat that you and your friend are reconnected. The internet can be a good way of keeping in touch. It definately beat snail mail! It's amazing what technology has done for us. Without it, I wouldn't have been blessed with your friendship either!

Stacy said...

How awesome!!! Yes, the internet is a truly amazing thing!