Monday, March 13, 2006

News from Wampville.

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Things have gotten crazy hectic since Jetblue called and then on top of all of that I got sick and then Girl Scout cookies came I am just now finding time to sit down and give you all an update.
We have been so blessed with wonderful friends and family who have graciously offered to come and help us take care of Aidan while I am transitioning into the world of the employed. This Wed. my inlaws are coming to stay for 2 nights while I am in Orientation meetings on Thursday and Friday. I am so grateful that they are able to do this, these meetings are during the day. Then on Monday we have a neighbor boy who also goes to our church coming to watch the kids after school so that I can make sure to get to training on time. That way Aaron doesn't have to worry about how quickly he needs to get home. God has been so good to us and just took care of all of my worries about this transition.
More news...Aaron has been asked to be a deacon in our church. While kind of scary it is such an hounor for our family. We had been thinking about pulling out of this church for awhile, but it seems the more we try to pull out the more God asks us to do. So, we feel like God it telling us we need to stay put and try to help make the change. Not exactly what we would like, but as we have learned before we need to do what God wants. So, please pray for us as we are still making the decision about this. Tonight Aaron is going to meet with a few of the deacons and they will be questioning them about his faith... please pray that God will direct his answers.
On one last note...Girl Scout cookies are here! We are busy dividing them all up and getting them ready to be delievered. If you are out of state and ordered some I will be trying to mail them out before Thursday. We have already sampled some and boy are they yummy! Our troop is also doing a few cookie booths. We have 360 extra boxes of cookies to sale and we have already sold 88 of those boxes! The girls have done such a great job!
Ok, I'm off to go paint. A friend of ours works for a blind installation company and he brought over a drape for our slider (no more yucky verticals!) It is a really pretty beige microfiber, but now that it is up the wall looks I'm going to paint the 2 walls in the family room and the one wall that wasn't painted in the kitchen a nice beige color that matches the drape. When I get it all finishe and put back together I will post some pictures.

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Kim Hamrick said...

I'm so happy to hear your daycare situations are being addressed. That is such a touchy situation and I'm relieved to read that the transition is going well for you. Hope training goes well and I hope your feeling better.
It does sound like the good Lord is leading you down a path. I'm sure Aaron will do fine.
I have no idea how in the world you divide up so many GS cookies! If you have 360 EXTRA, I can't imagine what the original count was! WHEW! It just sounds overwhelming. Oh, if you have a few extra of your favorite, throw them in the freezer with the ones you are holding for QKU. I'm sure they won't go to waste! (How about another Thin Mint and the Tagalongs?)
Have fun painting and post some pictures when you get done.