Thursday, July 27, 2006

A little late with this update.

Well, Kaitlyn has long been back from Girl Scout camp and I have yet to update. She had a great time! She tried everything which is what I asked her to do. She even went on a canoe and had a great time. She came back with dirt and mosquito bites all over her, but was smiling and very happy. She looked even more grown up to me. People have asked if she missed us and the answer was "Not really" so I guess that means she had a lot of fun!
I was a little worried about her because the counselors don't stay in the cabin with them, but sleep outside in a tent. She said that it wasn't a problem, but they did get in trouble the first night because they kept turning on the light. She said they told the girls it looked like they were having a party...she thought that was too funny.
Each girl got to pick a name for themselves...they had Kitty, Sparrow, Pony, Boa and several others that I can't think of right off hand. Can you guess which one Kaitlyn chose? Pony of course, I thought that was pretty funny.

On Tuesday Kaitlyn started her first day of second grade. Their school building is under renovation, so they are going to another elementary school for the next 3 weeks. Although her teacher told me that they are worried that it will not be finished in that time frame. I don't know what they are going to do if they are not finished, the other school will be starting in Sept. and those teachers will need to get their rooms back and set up.
Kaitlyn's teacher seems nice. Kaitlyn likes her, I will know more about her in the next couple of weeks when we have open house. So far all the notes home have sounded pretty good. I wish I could go volunteer in the class room, but with Aidan being 3 there is just no way for me to do that. So I have to go with what Kaitlyn tells me.
And on a final note, I was worried about Friday's. Kaitlyn gets out of school at 1:50 and I have to start work at 2:15. I don't think I can physically make it back home in time to start work. Well, we found out that one of Kaitlyn's friends that was in her class at Edgemont is going to the same school and lives right up the street from us, she is not on the same track though, but we do overlap. So, I am picking up in the mornings and then Kaitlyn will ride home in the afternoons! I am so glad that it worked out, a total God- Thing!
Now I have to get Aidan ready to go to the Dr's. He is getting some shots today. Poor guy. It is our tradition to go out to lunch, breakfast, or treat after getting shots. I always feel so bad about the shots that I feel I need to make up for them with something fun.
I told Aidan that he needs to get a shot and told him I'll take him out to lunch wherever he wants. He said "I love taking shots" and "I can't wait to get a neat bandage". Yes, he calls band aids.. bandages, I don't know where he got that but I think it is pretty cute. I am sure he won't love taking a shot when he gets it, but I'm sure he will be a trooper.


Liz said...

Kaitlyn sure is growing up, isn't she? I'm glad she had a good time at camp and likes her new teacher.

I hope Aidan did well with his shot. He cracks me up with his comments. He is a cutie!

Mom said...

It's hard to believe that Kaitlyn is old enough to go off to GS camp let alone be starting 2nd grade!!
Where does the time go?!?
Did Aidan still "love" his shot and bandage after he got them? =0{
Poor guy & you (it's just as traumatic for the poor mommy standing by!)- hope the treat made up for it.

Betsy said...

I was wondering how Kaitlyn liked summer camp! Glad to see the update. Aiden is such a cutie...what did he decide to do after his shots?

Celeste said...

Glad Kaitlyn had fun at GSC! Hope her school gets done in time! DANG, that could be BAD!

Hope Aidan did okay with his shots...poor little dude!

Trysha said...

How cool that Kaitlyn had such a good time!! You should get her to dictate or write down all her favorite parts, etc quickly before she forgets them can always be scrapped later!