Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another Aidan Funny.

Mommy: Aidan what would you like for Christmas this year? (Trying to be good and make up a list to send to my mom)
Aidan: I already told you I want a...a...a.... "TREE MA KISS"!
(Which would be a Christmas tree). Too funny.
I love that all that he will tell me is that he wants a tree ma kiss. That is always the highlight of Christmas for me, just the 4 of us shopping for and decorating the Christmas tree. Aaron does the lights, we all put up the various ornaments and I do the beads and the other household decorations. We listen to Christmas Carols and then when we are finished we turn out the lights and enjoy the fruits of our labor.
And if you all are thinking that it is way to early to even start thinking about Christmas I totally agree except that we are celebrating with my family the FIRST weekend in December. So with loosing a few weeks it had to be made up somewhere.
I hope you all have a beautiful holiday season and a very pretty "Tree MA KISS"!


Celeste said...

Aidan is too cute!

Annette said...

Aidan is sounds like he is a sweet child. I know even though that is a sweet answer it doesn't help you with what to get him. When my kids were old en ought to write a list I would request my kids have them to me by Halloween. My kids are now 19 and 16 years old and they still get me their Christmas list to me by Halloween. They only have to put 5 things on the list to give me an idea of what they want. The rest of the present that they get will be a surprise. Happy shopping!!!

Stacy said...

That's too cute! You will have to do a page about that one.

Theresa Marie said...

HOW way cute :) Aidan is adorable!