Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Breathing a sigh of relief.

I have never been so happy to have Halloween over. This year was one of the hardest years for me to stick to our beliefs. I have never been one to have a too hard of time for living what I believe. But with the birth of our children, and Kaitlyn going to public school I have been having a hard time sticking with what I believe.
We have chosen not to celebrate halloween due to the origins of it. So, we don't go "Trick or Treating" (I hate even the name of that.) And for years we have done nothing as far as dressing up. Well, the last few years they have had a fall festival at our church on a day other than halloween. That is fine. We go and participate the kids have fun. It is a fun time and an outreach into our community.
That part that has become hard the last few years is the actual day of halloween at school. They do a parade and have a big party. So, I feel bad when Kaitlyn isn't dressed up (she didn't for kindergarten) and misses out on the fun activities. The last 2 years I have let her dress up for the school parade, but then I feel guilty to not sticking with what I believe in. I mean if I am letting her dress up for school, but not go "trick or treating" or carve pumpkins or any of the other halloween stuff am I being a hypocrite?
It is just so hard to balance your convictions to wanting the best for your children. Not hurting their feelings or making an outcast out of them for their beliefs. I think some major prayer is in order before next years halloween.
I am so glad the day is over and that we can move on to celebrating things that are important to us...being thankful and Christ's birth!


Theresa Marie said...

ok - can I just say I HEAR YA GIRL!!! I have that EXACT thought!! We don't celebrate halloween either... I kept having people ask me what Audrey was going to be for halloween and saw all these cute costumes and thought - oh what's wrong with just dressing her up? But then one morning during my quite time I realized that dressing her up in a costume is the same as celebrating in the holiday. It's SO hard when our children don't understand why they can't participate. I am praying now that I don't have to deal with halloween and santa when Audrey is a bit older. But I WILL NOT let her participate in anything to do with halloween or santa... that's MY choice and I feel that even though it's hard for me and it's going to probably be hard for her as she doesn't quite understand everything - I consider it to be tough love. and I can PRAY that she would realize it's JESUS who we celebrate every day and that she would not feel left out when others are participating in things she is not "allowed" to participate in. HUGS to you Shannon! Proverbs 22:6

Prairie Woman said...

It is very hard to set your child aside for a day that most of them don't even know what it is. But it is right for you to do what is best for my grandchildren. It seemed in California they had stopped most all of the Halloween stuff, but here, they celebrate everything. Irita said the church (LDS)has a soup dinner, then the kids go out to the parking lot and Trunk n Treat to all cars parked and are given candy. When Brian and Aaron were young we would let them buy a bag of candy. When I worked for the school district I would take the kids who did not want to be a part of it and we would do special things. They would get to have a free time, playing games, coloring or whatever they wanted. It is over but maybe by next year they will quit it during the school day.
Just another battle to be faught and WON. Or just have a ditch day for Kaitlyn and do something fun!!!!!Love

DerWampler said...

I understand what you two are going through. Jami and I have done the same debating for several years and have come to some of our own decisions. Meaning; I would never say there is only one 'right answer' to this debate, and that it is absolutely the decision to be made by each families' leadership.

We decided to take the same approach to halloween as to all the other days of life wherw we are "in the world", but not of the world. We allow the kids to dress up, but in character costumes and nothing of the occult orgin. By doing this the last two years we have found that our kids have become examples to their friends that you can have some candy amd get out and meet your neighbors on halloween, but you do not have to subscribe to the evil aspects to participate. No ghosts, goblins, and so on. No scarry movies.

Looking at the orgin of most holidays that are celebrated in America, I have found many to have orings in paganism of some sort. The early Church, wanting to restore righteousness to the people, chose to morph the various holidays into observances of the Christian faith. We are seeing this happen once again in the present day. The last 15-20 years have seen many organisations putting their own spin on halloween; such as Fall Festivals, Fall Carnivals, Bible Character Night, you know the list.

The conclusion I came to (again, it is a personal decision), is that it actually could be considered endorsing pagaism by participating in any holiday other than ones that specificaly mentioned in Scripture; such as Easter / Passover. It is a tough decision a person has to make to determine where the line should be drawn to be "set apart" from the world - I believe it is in our heart's love for God and the things of God.


Prairie Woman said...

Yesterday at the craft fair in town, there was a picture. All it said was "there are only two things children need, one is roots, and the other is wings." It feels like Dad and I gave you both just that, we are very proud of you boys and your wives decisions to make sure your children have roots (grounded in the Bible) and wings to know the world from evilness. Love you all, Mom

Nikki *Ü* said...

I'm sorry you're having a hard time with this. I didn't realize your feelings on it and I hope I have never offended you in any way by my ignorance of your feelings. I never really think about the origins of it, just that it's fun to dress up and all the candy.

Anyway, our school doesn't let the kids dress up during school at all and there aren't supposed to be any class parties, but they do have a carnival one night. Maybe you could make a suggestion to the PTA or the principal to do something like that, so that at least you could choose not to attend the carnival but Kaitlyn wouldn't have to miss any school, if you chose to keep her out of school that day and really didn't want her to dress up and not feel left out.

I hope you're able to get the answers and peace you're seeking through prayer.

reddogg said...

I believe this discussion has gone on for decades and children who have participated and others are for the most part not scared either way. The parents seem most disturbed and the children unconcerned.

pappa wampler