Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Job, Jetblue, and stuff.

Aaron received a call Friday afternoon that they would like to do a phone interview with him this up coming Thursday. We are leaving it in God's hands, but I'm excited and nervous for him at the same time. This is a position that he has said he would want to have since he started working for Union Pacific almost 9 years ago! We have no idea if he will be offered a position, or where it will be if offered...but we are placing it in God's hands.
On the JetBlue front, things are starting to get back to normal. There have been many ups and downs with them the last week but all in all I am very proud of the way our company is handling the situation. I think the customers are also coming around to see that we are doing everything that we can to accommodate them (even too much in some cases!). They are setting up a customer's bill of rights that will cost JetBlue millions of dollars (which was put into effect retroactively of Valentines). I am also amazed of what people are asking us to compensate them for...calling us on there cell phones for example! I am glad that we are getting back to normal, and that I actually sold some tickets last night! That means that all is not lost and some people still have faith in our company.
Well, for some other news. I have decided I am determined to learn how to sew. I made a few pillows for the kids dolls, and kitties, and also a dog bed for Cookie. Cookie really likes her dog pillow/bed. And since she sleeps in my office while I am working I wanted something that matched the lavender. And while it is not perfect I don't think any of them look too bad. Now I have moved on to trying to make a Tinkerbell outfit for Kaitlyn's AG dolls. I have to bodice put together with a few a modifications, but I got stuck while trying to figure out how to gather the skirt. I had the "Complete idiots guide to sewing" but every time I tried to find information in there it didn't have what I was looking for so Aaron bought me "Sewing for Dummies" (upon my request) And while I haven't been able to try anything in it as of yet it answered all the questions the other book didn't. So, I am teaching myself how to sew. I told Kaitlyn it might not be great as I am just learning, but she doesn't care she is just happy for me to be trying. I'll post a picture of it when I am through.
And a little bit about Aidan since I can't leave him out when I am seeking about the rest of us. He is healing from his cold but his voice sounds funny to me. It is changing and I stopped short the other day and noticed that it is coming away from that sweet little toddler's voice into a boys voice....I am so not ready for him to be a big boy yet (although he tell's me that is what he is constantly). I can't believe how much growing up he is doing lately. AHH if we could just get this time to slow down just a bit! Then he talks about how excited he is that "His snow is back!" and I think to myself that he still has a few more years of growing to do. And that makes me smile!


Delta Linda said...

You will do fine with your sewing, you have a creative mind and can do it. You can always call your Aunt Janet or your own Mom or me. Kaitlyn will love anything you make. I was sewing by the time I was her age.
Aaron's job will work out just right for you guys. Hope to see you soon.

Stacy said...

So much info! I will keep your family in my prayers.

As for gathering the skirt...around the top of the skirt sew using the biggest stitches your machine makes and make two lines of stitches almost 1/2 inch from eachother. Then you will use the threads and pull to gather...using your fingers to move the fabric down the threads. When you get it gathered the way you want then pin the skirt onto the bodice and sew them together. Make any sense?

Kim said...

Good Luck on the prospect of a new position for Aaron. I'm with you, turn it over and pray. We are unsure of the road we must lead until the good Lord shows us the way.
I admire you teaching yourself how to sew. It can be complicated, even the simpilest patterns. Sometimes when things look like they won't work the way the instructions say, they do. Just follow the directions line by line and don't get ahead of yourself.
Please post a picture when your done with the outfit for Kaitlyn's doll. I will say, it's harder to sew smaller things than the bigger ones.
And, I too have asked how can we keep our little ones little just a bit longer. So far, no one knows the secret, and if there is even one. If you figure it out, you'd better share with the rest of us!

Regeniatorrance said...

Hi girl glad to hear all the news good luck to Aaron. Stacy told you the right way, or you can sew a long stich by hand and then pull. glad to hear all is well love Aunt Regenia

Liz said...

I'm glad that things are calming down at work. I know it has been crazy for you! I'll be praying for Aaron that the right thing happens as fas as the new job. And you've got to show us some of your sewing creations!