Thursday, July 12, 2007

100+ Things I love about you....

Today Aaron and I are celebrating our 10th Anniversary! I can't believe it has been that long!
Aaron, it has been a wonderful 10 years with you! I'm so thankful for a wonderful caring
husband like you! So with that said....100+ things I love about you!

1. I love that you love me.
2. I love how you play with our kids and make them scream even though it drives me crazy.
3. I love that you are a leader in our church.
4. I love that you put God first.

5. I love that the kids and I are a very close second.
6. I love that you teach Sunday School.

7. I love that when I told you I was pregnant with Kaitlyn that you switched careers to better our family.
8. I love that you wash the dishes most of the time because you know that it is one chore that I despise doing.

9. I love that we are celebrating our ten year anniversary but we have really been together for 14 years.

10. I love that you were in RCC marching band.

11. I love that you encouraged me when I tried out for RCC color guard and was totally embarrassed when I flubbed the audition.
12. I love that you encourage me in my singing.

13. I love that you play the saxaphone, and wish you would play something just for me.

14. I love that you have a sense of humor.

15. I love that we took a chance and moved to Utah when we didn’t know anybody here.
16. I love how that move bettered our marriage.
17. I love how sexy you are when you are smoking your cigars.
18. I love that it was with you that I smoked my first itty bitty cigar.
19. I love that you love photography as much as I do.
20. I love that you mostly listen to me when I give you hints about a gift I would like for birthday or Christmas.
21. I love that you have good taste in jewelry.
22. I love that you spur me on to be my best.

23. I love that you don’t say anything when I spend most of the money, but don’t actually make it.

24. I love that you let me go on trips by myself, even though you know if the tables were turned I would be totally jealous.
25. I love that even though I have gained weight that you still think I’m beautiful.
26. I love camping with you. Especially our honeymoon.
27. I love that you are so passionate about BBQing, and that you have created you own marinade that is really yummy!
28. I love the way you call Cookie “traitor dog” when she sits with you and not me.
29. I love that for a year of our lives you ran the evenings everything from making dinner, to baths, to homework, to carting the kids to their various activities, and never complained about it once. I wish I was more like that.
30. I love that you are an instructor and made it there in just a few short years.

31. I love that you love your job.
32. I love that you carry on a piece of my families history through working for the railroad.
33. I love that you are a handy man and can fix pretty much anything…except plumbing.
34. I love that you love to have a vegetable garden even though you hate vegetables.
35. I love that you are teaching our children how to care for a garden since I can’t even keep a house plant alive.

36.I love that you don’t work in the field anymore.
37. I love that you don’t come home all greasy anymore.
38. I love that you don’t work out of town anymore.
39. I love that you endured the time when you worked out of town all the time and never complained about it.
40. I love how you love the character of old homes and can see the potential in them, even if they need a lot of work.
41. I love that even though you were really picky about what you ate when we first met that you have branched out and will now even eat sushi…and love it.
42. I love that you are so passionate about football.
43. I love that you don’t think I’m crazy when I’ve met people over the internet.
44. I love that you let 10 strange women come stay with us for a few days when we had QKU.
45. I love that you encourage my love of scrapbooking.

46. I love that you love to go sledding with the kids, because I hate hiking up those hills and don’t really care for the ride down either.
47. I love our movie nights.

48. I love us time.

49. I love how you treat me, and how that is teaching Kaitlyn what type of person she should pick to be her husband.

50. I love that you are an example to Aidan of how to treat his wife.

51. I love that you let your hair grow out from the mullet before our wedding.

52. I love that you insisted on wearing a white tux at our wedding because you deserved to also.
53. I loved how sexy you looked in that white tux.
54. I love that you waited for me.
55. I love that you are my one and only.
56. I love that I am your one and only.

57. I love that even though you don’t like cats so much that you are still willing to have one.
58. I love that you agreed to get a little dog instead of a big one.
59. I love that you let our pets sleep in bed with us each night.
60. I love to sleep in with you on a chilly morning.
61. I love that you have a knowledge of many things.
62. I love that even though many people thought we were too young to get married that we are still going strong.

63. I love that we have had our fights because that makes our bond stronger.
64. I love that those fights are forgotten.
65. I love that you told my mom 3 weeks before we got engaged and asked my dad for permission to marry me.

66. I love that it was before senior prom that we got engaged…it was so beautiful.
67. I love that you mow the lawn because it wouldn’t get done otherwise.

68. I love that you don’t mind my love of going to Disneyland.
69. I love that we used to have season passes to Magic Mountain, and actually used them.
70. I love that our first date was to see Jurassic park, and that you helped me clean up my purse when Ryan spilled coke all over it.
71.I love that you wrote me a poem to ask me to be your girlfriend…
72.And that we were on our way to magic mountain that day.
73. I love that you don’t mind a flowery couch.
74. I love that you tracked down the antique dealer that bought Mammom’s couch and continued until you were able to give it to me for my birthday.
75. I love that you don’t say anything when we use antique open cellar salts rather than a regular salt shaker. Even though secretly I know you hate those little spoons.
76. I love that you tease me that I want all of our wood furniture to be white.
77. I love that you have promised me that you will take me to Paris someday, and I know that you will because you always keep your promises.
78. I love that you always keep your promises.

79. I love that you make me feel safe.

80. I love that you make the kids feel safe.

81. I love that you don’t begrudge me sleep in days when Kaitlyn is off track and you have to work.
82. I love that you always tell me a new hairstyle looks great even if you secretly hate it.
83. I love all the poems that you wrote me when we were dating.
84. I love that you wrote a poem for Kaitlyn.
85. I love that you have dreams for our retirement…even though we are only in our thirties.
86. I love that we are growing old together.
87. I love that we have grown up together.

88. I love that you love my family and make them feel welcome when they come to visit.
89. I love that you said “Wow” when I came down the aisle on our wedding day.
90. I love the way you kiss me.
91. I love that when I need an opinion that yours is the one I ask for first, and respect the most.
92. I love that you are willing to make a fool of yourself to make the kids or me laugh.
93. I love that you want me to bring the kids to have lunch with you so they can see where you work.
94.I love that I never have to ask you to take out the trash.

95. I love that you don’t complain when I start painting another room in the house…even though it means that we will probably be changing outlet covers.
96. I love that you are always willing to go to the store for me when I’m cooking dinner.
97. I love that you never say anything about me being completely forgetful.
98. I love that you always are willing to try a new dish that I make for dinner, and tell me how good it tastes…even if it tastes awful.
99. I love that you eat vegetables for the kids, even though you don’t like them.
100. I love the relationship you are building with our children.
101. I love that you are the person I can be totally honest with and know that you will still love me no matter what.
102. I love that I can tell you my secrets.
103.I love that you will probably tease me about this being more than one hundred things.

104. I love that you know when I need a break, time out, a hug, quiet time.
105. I love that you play with our kids.

Aaron, I love you! I am so glad God has blessed me with you! I know that He has a plan for the next several decades of our marriage and I am excited to see what God has in store for us! Happy 10'th anniversary to my one and only!


Aaron said...

WOW, you still amaze me. I feel at a loss of words to describe the ... well, everything, but thank you. I feel that whatever I put here will be inadequit to return your loving post, but I know that God lead me to you for a reason. You are a caring mother, and loving wife, but you show me strength in looking to journey to Africa, or wanting to sing in front of church, or driving ten hours to your moms with the kids by yourself, or coming to see me when I was working five hours away from home, or knowing that I love you even if I didn't say it. Happy Ten (14) I love you too.

Stacy said...

I loved reading your post! I also loved looking at all the fun pictures. I love you guys! Aaron's post made me cry so I know it had to make you cry too.


Nikki *Ü* said...

Such an awesome post!! Happy Anniversary to both of you!! I love the pictures. Your kids are so cute and Aaron looks like such an awesome dad in them! So fun to read your list!

Michele said...

Shannon, this has to be my all-time favorite blog post that I've ever read!!! Seriously, I read every single one of the items on your list and looked at every single picture! What an incredible tribute to Aaron and to your marriage! I seriously had tears dripping on my laptop as I read this because it was so touching. Also, I think it speaks to what every woman wants to have in their husband, and I think it's wonderful that you appreciate and recognize all the special attributes your husband has. This would make an amazing scrapbook......not layout....a scrapbook. I think if you took one item from your list for each page along with a photo that it would be a special hands-on tribute to your marriage. I don't mean to go on and on, but, Shannon, this really was a very special and touching post to read, and I learned so much about you and your family. I'm glad that I was able to read this!! Happy 10th anniversary to you both!!

PS--I also loved what Aaron wrote to you! He's a special guy, and I'm glad you two are happy together. May the next 10 years be as happy, if not happier, than the first 10!!

PSS---Thanks to both of you for letting me be one of the crazy girls that was invited to spend the night at your house for QKU!!! :-)

Delta Linda said...

I love that you love our son so much.....I am glad we created a person that is just perfect for you.

Lilian said...

What an awesome tribute to your husband!

Happy Anniversary!!!