Sunday, July 22, 2007

Becoming a "World Changer"

What an incredible week this has been! On Sunday we had a group of about 300 teens show up in Salt Lake City. They are a group called "World Changers". Each teen paid approximately $200 to come and work on people's houses for a week. It was HARD work: Re-roofing, painting,
re-framing doors and windows, yardwork, building porches and wheelchair ramps are just a few things they did.
While here they also go into the community and share God's word. A quick story about that:
On Wednesday, a man came up to one of the groups and started asking them what they were all about. They started sharing the gospel and found out lots of things about this man...his name, how many children he has etc. He told them that he could not talk anymore at that moment, but he gave them an address and told them to please meet him the following day at a certain time. They show up at that time and a man answers the door not the same man. So, the group tells him that they are looking for the man from the day before, he says well that is my name but I did not meet you. They gave him information about how many children he has and he says those children are mine. So, they then tell him that they were coming to tell this other man about Jesus Christ and the man says "You see, you were sent to tell me about Jesus and I must accept him!" and he did right there on the spot! What and incredible God thing!
Ok, so I know you are all thinking "Wow, cool story but what does this have to do with you?" Well, I was a "Lunch runner". Each day I would take lunches and treats out to the site where my team was working. Kaitlyn and Aidan were there each day as well to help pass out lunches. My kids got to meet some awesome roll models! They had a blast meeting all of the kids, we ended up meeting about 5 groups total. My favorite part was when we decided to drop off popsicles for our groups (Our church hosted 7 groups). Well, there was a group we didn't know that was working close to our group so we bought them popsicles too. One of the guys said, "God bless you! I just have to give you a hug" and gave me a big bear hug. They were all great group and it was so much fun! In fact I had so much fun that I was asked to play a bigger role next year. I will be the food coordinator for the entire group that is coming. We already have ideas on to make things a bit better and I can't wait to see the kids (hopefully they all come back plus more!)


Stacy said...

You are awesome! That story gave me goosebumps! God is awesome!

Liz said...

What an awesome group of teens and what a great story about the man. It really renews your faith to witness things like this.

Delta Linda said...

I am so proud to have you and Aaron as parents to my grandchildren.
I think you found the job God wants you to have......