Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines day!

So, what I should be doing is driving Kaitlyn to school because the bus is running 2 hours late...instead I'm posting on my blog because my car won't start. We got a ton of snow yesterday and a coworker called me to let me know that we would be starting about 2 hours late. HMMM...why don't they just cancel school today? I'm a little frazzled, but it will be nice to have a day off. Only I was supposed to go get some stuff for dinner tonight. Maybe I can convince Aaron to come home from work for lunch and then we can take the other car to get some stuff done.
On a happier note I got a beautiful necklace from Aaron! It is an aquamarine with barely any color to it, so it almost looks like a diamond. I love it.
So all you readers out there, I hope you have a happy Valentines day! And much less frazzled one than I am having!


Anonymous said...

We didn't even try to go out. I changed my appointment to March, by then maybe it won't snow.
Which car wouldn't start? Just stay in and have a beautiful dinner at home. Love to all of you. Stay safe.
Hinckley Mom

Anonymous said...

Give me a snow day with the added bonus of my car not starting - boy howdy I'd be one happy shut-in!!
But I know how frustrating it must be for you - so I hope your day got better. Happy Valentine's Day to you all.
Calif. Mom

P.S. Yesterday it was in the high 70's here and today it's been snowing & raining off and on. =-)

Jami said...

We had a beautiful sunny 70 degree day here in Los Osos for Valentine's Day. But we stayed home last night packing our camper for a weekend trip. We finally all got mostly well so we are taking a trip. I am not looking forward to next week at school. We had two 3 day weekends in a row and it makes the kids dingy!! Oh, to stay home on a snow day!! Love YOU!!!
Happy belated V Day!