Friday, February 15, 2008


So, apparently I am supposed to watch the news anytime it snows around here. Mind you we have had much worse storms earlier this year and things went the same as they normally do, but yesterday I was so frazzled about getting Kaitlyn to school on time. Finally got my car (Saturn) to start and drove her to school thinking that we were super late, well she came home and told me that school wasn't starting until 10:30! All that frazzledness for nothing. I did not go to work though because I was afraid that I would get there and the car wouldn't start for me to get home. Aaron came home at lunch and traded cars with me and it started just fine for him. We thought it was the battery, but he took it to be tested and the battery is just fine. So, now I am driving an unreliable car...hopefully we can get it to the dealership and they will know what is wrong with it before I get stranded somewhere!
We had a nice quiet Valentines dinner where I made sushi. I gave Aaron a saki set and some see's candy. He is quite happy with that. The kids each got some money. Aidan is saving up for a remote control dinosaur and Kaitlyn is saving for the newest American girl doll..Mia. Aidan has reached his goal and Kaitlyn has about $30 more dollars to go. She is pretty excited, I'm going to have to find some extra chores around the house to help her earn it.
Well, I guess this is kind of a dull post. I'm not feeling all that well today, so I'll sign off for now. Have a great long weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you took lemons and made lemonade. When we lived in Exeter for 6 months, we would have to watch the TV to see if it was a fog day or not. Aaron walked to school but it wasn't safe if you can't see your hand in front of your face.
You are getting tooooooo use to that snow stuff.....Love to all
Hinckley Mom