Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Exhaustion is setting in.

I know it is almost over, but I'm just so tired right now. Within the midst of all this training I caught a nice little cold, still have it some but I'm almost through with it. I slept until noon on Sunday and if I didn't have to get up then I probably would have stayed in bed much longer. Poor Aidan is so ready for Jeremy to come in the afternoon so he has someone to play with....I'm glad this is my last 4-12 week. Next week we go from 4-10...I can do that, I'll be alive to do some things with Aidan. It is just getting through with this week and my final on Friday that I'm ready for.
Aaron became a deacon on Sunday. I am so proud of him, his testimony was really moving and I really think God is going to use him to do great things. At the same time it is kind of scarey running through life letting God be in control of it rather than taking control ourselves. We are just trying to remember to lean on him for all things cause great things happen when we do! On the first day of training we had to get up and talk about ourselves for a minute. One of the things I said was that we moved to UT 3 years ago and it was an adjustment but we are starting to really love it here. Well, I got questioned further and finally had to tell the whole class that I'm not LDS... That was a big moment for me. I don't mind letting people know that I'm not LDS, but it is not usually the first thing I let people know about me and esp. not talking with a whole group. God is really molding the shy insecure person to be BOLD. Why should the fact that I am a Christian not be the first thing I tell people? It was really scarey and exciting. I'm praying that God uses me to witness to someone, I had thought it was going to be one of the few men in my class, but he ended up getting a different job and left jetblue, but there were seeds planted I'm sure because he was one of the ones who kept questioning me about my move. And then we spoke further about my beliefs. I pray that God will send him someone and that the seed was planted in the short time I knew him.
To all of you who read this, I hope you have a wonderful week! I'm sure I will post on Friday or so to let you all know how the final goes this Friday...Please pray that I keep sane this week! The nerves are starting to settle in! Thanks!


Kim Hamrick said...

Shannon...I'm sure you are going to do just fine on your final this Friday. It sounds like it is going to be a long week for you. Hang in there. Once training is over you'll be able to slow down and feel somewhat normal again. It will all be worth it in the end. Good Luck on Friday!
And, I'm sure God has a special plan for you and your family. Congrats to Aaron for taking such a wonderful position in the Church. My Dad used to always say, "Let go, let God."

Prairie Woman said...
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WowMom said...

Shannon, This will all be over before you know it and you'll be able to get back to a "normal" routine again. (It only seems like it's forever when you're going thru it - kind of like when the kids were newborns and awake all night!!) I'll be praying for you that you'll feel well and do well on the test. I'll be waiting anxiously to hear the restults.

I'm proud of both you and Aaron for allowing God to keep you in a church that is in need of healing & your willingness to help in the process. I know good things will come out of this. Sure wish we could have been with you at the ordination and to hear Aaron's testimony, but Lee sent the next best thing by way of pictures in his e-mail.

Praying for you -- miss you -- love you all! XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Ma and pa - I'm sure that it isn't the practice of LDS people to marry their cousins and certainly isn't in their doctorine.

Michele (luvkitty) said...

Well, today is Friday, the day of your final, and I KNOW you're going to pass with flying (get it?) colors!!! You've worked so incredibly hard, and you're going to be successful because of your dedication to your goal! Good luck!!

Also, congratulations to Aaron for becoming a deacon!! I know how proud you are of him, and I'm sure you're right that God will use him to do great things!

I'll keep you in my prayers that you pass your final and that today is the start to a relaxing weekend...the end of what sounds like a very hectic and exhausting week. Hugs!!

Lilian said...

Shannon, Good luck on your test!!

I'm sure your hubby will be an awesome asset you your church.

Prairie Woman said...

You will do great. Love to you and yours.