Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The nerves are setting in!

I spoke with our music minister about joining the praise team at church. I love to sing and have often wanted to be a part of the team, but with 2 small kids and Aaron playing the sax during that time it just wasn't possible for me to join. Well, now the kids are a bit older and can behave themselves when we are both practicing so I decided to see what it takes to join.
Next Tuesday I have an audition and range test to see where I fit in. I am so nervous! I haven't done a musical audition in a really long time! They are in desperate need of soprano's which is good because I mostly sing soprano, although I can do alto too if I have too. And while I am nervous I am also excited because I know that my vocal abilities have grown a lot in the past few years, although my range has suffered a bit since I haven't practiced weekly as I did when I was in high school!
Anyways, just another way for me to shed. And although I am nervous I am also excited! I know God will help me through it, he would not have given me the desire and gift of music if he didn't want me to use it. Anyways, say a little prayer for me that my audition goes well!

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{Betsy} said...

I'm so excited for you, Shannon! I know you are going to do well at your audition. I'm so proud of you for taking another step toward your goal!