Friday, January 12, 2007

A new season.

So, once again this week has been super busy. It started off last Sunday when our Pastor retired. The deacon's wife's hosted and helped serve at the retirement luncheon and there were so many speeches and special gifts that we were there pretty much all day. It was a wonderful day of celebration though!
While we are sad to see him and his wife go we are excited to see what changes that God has in store for our church. We know that God has the right person chosen for the job, but change can still be kind of scary. We will really miss his wife Jen, who has been Kaitlyn's Sunday school teacher for the last year. We have really seen Kaitlyn's faith grow through her teachings.
Pastor Rodger and Jen we wish you the best as you are hiking the Appalachia trail! A dream that they have had for a long time and are just finally able to give a try to.
We have also been dealing with changes in my schedule. The best part is I now have Friday-Sunday off, but the change that I now am working 4 days in a row seems to leave Aaron with a lot more to do. Making sure that all homework and studying gets done, dinner made, trips to girl scouts and Awana's. I sure have married an amazing man that does it all wholeheartedly! I love you babe and appreciate all you do!
Next weekend Kaitlyn and I will be traveling to Los Angeles with some friends. It is finally the fruition of a year long dream for her of going to the American Girl Place! We are going to have afternoon tea there and also see the American Girl Revue. She is so excited and it should be a wonderful weekend!
If you don't hear from me before then I will post pictures next time!


Lilian said...

I hope you and Kaitlyn have a great time in LA. I can't wait to hear about it!

Delta Dawn Linda said...

It takes a great wife to have a great husband, you compliment each other. Have a great time, be safe and enjoy the sunshine.

Theresa Marie said...

I'm so glad that Aaron is able to help you out and to do it without complaining. It's nice to have a husband like that - as I have seen that in my own in the last few weeks. Nice that we can be proud of them huh? :)
How WAY exciting for you and Kaitlyn get to go to LA! You will have a fabulous time, I'm sure! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Michele (Luvkitty) said...

That's great that Aaron has been so wonderful while your family and you adjust to the new schedule!! I'm sure it's a relief for you to know that when you're gone, things are being done the way you'd want them to be. That's the sign of a wonderful husband for sure!!!

I hope you and Kaitlyn have a GREAT mother/daughter trip to Los Angeles and the American Girl place!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and to see the pictures!!! Have a fun and safe trip, Shannon!!!

Nikki *Ü* said...

What a fun trip for you and Kaitlyn!! My girls would love to do that someday too!!