Monday, January 22, 2007

What a fun weekend!

We are back from our American Girl Place trip. And we had an awesome time! This is the front of the store which is 2 stories tall. There were so many dolls and clothes to look at that it was some what overwhelming. The first the the girls wanted to do was get their dolls hair done. So, we headed over to the hair salon. We learned a lot about how to care for the hair and that Kaitlyn shouldn't sleep with her because it causes it to rub on the blankets and roughs it up. We also learned that we should use water on it to brush it every time. They said that the water keeps it smooth and nice looking. We got there at the perfect time too, there was nobody there so we got right in, when we came back by it a little later there were a lot of people lined up!

The next thing we did was shopping. The girls had both saved up their money to buy a doll and some clothing to go with it. And of course they both picked the same doll. Kaitlyn, had actually planned to get a different doll until the doll of the year came out. Her name is Nikki and actually looks a lot like Kaitlyn, and had a lot of the same interests as her as well. So, it was the perfect fit for her.
After shopping we needed a bit of a rest so that we could come back for afternoon tea and the Revue. The girls were a bit disappointed but Kristi and I both had a bit of a headache and needed a rest (we had both been up since 2 am to see if we were getting on the flight, but that is a whole other story!).
deserts. The also brought out little pieces of cake and sang happy birthday to t So, we went and had a rest and got ready to head back over there for Afternoon tea. The girls had a great time at tea and were the perfect little ladies. We had finger sandwiches and little treats. They also came out and sang happy birthday to them! It was really fun. After that we had a bit of time to kill so we went shopping at Crate and Barrel , but the girls kept begging us to go back! We went back about 6:30 for the show and found out that we had front row seating! It was a fun show and told the story of all the historical girls. The girls were really excited when some of the actresses looked right at them and smiled! They wouldn't let me take a picture of them in the theater at all, but I did take one of them on the steps right outside the theater, but it was with my other camera and I don't have the film developed yet.
The next day we drove to Hollywood Blvd and saw the walk of fame and Grauman's Chinese theater (where all of the hand prints are). I have lived in Southern California all of my life and had never seen it, so it was kind of fun to see, but not something I need to do again.
The girls tired of seeing that pretty quickly, so Kristi wanted to go to downtown Disney and shop a bit at the Disney store. We had a fun time shopping, but the girls found a new store that they would like to plan a trip to sometime. It is called Libby Lou, and they have all kinds of makeup and you can get your hair done. I found this T shirt that I loved and wish that I could find a post card in it, so I just took Kaitlyn's picture with it instead. It says Where a cup of tea can bring you together and apart and together. My mom took the kids on the teacups since none of the rest of us adults would ride on them. So, Mom I'll be sending you a copy of this picture!
We had a bit of a scare about making it home on Saturday night. So, I called Dad and Mom and set it up for us to go spend the night if we had too, but we made it on. We were the last 4 to make it on the flight, and we didn't have to jump seat. It was a great trip but it is good to be home! The girls are already trying to plan when we are going to see the American Girl Place in Chicago and New York. Trent (Dakota's Dad) said that they couldn't go for another 10 years. They added it up and figured out that they would be 18 by then (YIKES!) and that he wasn't too funny! LOL! Anyways it was a fun trip, but it sure is good to be home!


{Betsy} said...

Wow,Shannon! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time! That really sounds like fun at the American girl doll store ~ so much to see and do. It sounds like a little girl's paradise! Kaitlyn looks so happy, so I can tell she enjoyed the trip! Glad you made it home safe!

Stacy said...

I couldn't wait for you to get home to read about your trip. It sounds fabulous! What a fun memory for Kaitlyn.

Theresa Marie said...

WOW - looks like the girls had a wonderful time. How awesome that you could take them on a trip like that! That will be one trip not quickly forgotten!

Michele said...

What a super special trip to look back on!!! All the memories that you have to scrapbook now because it sounds like you had a wonderful time!! The pictures are SO cute, and I can't get over how grown up Kaitlyn looks in some of those pictures!!! She's such a beautiful little girl, and her doll does look a bit like her! How fun!!! I'm glad you all had a great time, and it was a lot of fun to read about all of your adventures! Oh, and I agree completely about the Hollywood Walk of Fame......only need to see it once, and that's enough! Wasn't it kind of in a scary location??? When I went with my best friend about ten years ago, we were actually kind of scared by some of the weirdos on the street, and we were surprised how UN-glamorous the location was. It sure doesn't look like that on TV, LOL!!! Anyway, sounds like a fabulous time was had by all, and I'm glad you all made it home safe and sound!! Welcome home, Shannon!!

Lilian said...

Very cool! I'm sure those girls had a shopping trip of a lifetime! Kaitlyn is such a cute little girl!!!