Friday, February 06, 2009

So, I've caved...

I've been seeing these cute blogs, but I kept resisting. I liked my simplistic blog. I enjoyed seeing everyone's cute blogs but I thought that my photos stood out better on a more simplistic design. Well, when reading my friend Kim's blog I loved her new template and decided to look around at the website where she got hers. Well, before I knew what I was actually doing I found all these cute blog templates and just could not resist...HE HE! So, Kim I'm blaming it all on you my friend!

Other things going on right now with us:

Aidan Turned 6 last Wednesday! I'm not sure what happened because one day he was a baby and now he's a little boy! He had a great day! He chose Red Lobster for dinner...which was another commercial that convinced him he needed it. He had never been there before, but he loves seafood so he really enjoyed himself. He also had fun opening gifts. All he had asked for was a star wars game for his DS and an Utah University football jersey. Well, he got the star wars game, but we could not find a jersey so he ended up with a U tack jacket instead. He said he loves it, and I told him when football season is started up again we will go up to the U and get him one.
We also have plans to take him to the Long Beach Aquarium in March. I'm looking forward to visiting with family and getting out of Utah for a couple of days.

Kaitlyn got her parts, for the musical she is in, on Friday. She is really excited. She will be Cracker Jack cockroach, Phantom of the Opera, is singing in a trio, and will be a bride. She really wanted to be Cracker Jack and that's what Miss Nancy gave her.

Aaron is doing fine after his car accident 2 weeks ago. Poor guy has had about 5 massages since his accident. The car had so much damage that we thought that it would be totaled. We were surprised to hear that all the parts are in and they are starting work on it. It will be interesting to see how it runs after repairs. Aaron is pretty sure he wants to get rid of it when we get it back, we both hate that car, and it's fine with me because I don't drive it everyday.

I'm doing pretty good. Back into the full swing of Children's flags and dance, and HOP is also back in session. This years spring performance should be really good! We are doing "Experiencing God through loving the world". I can't wait to see it all come together!

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