Monday, September 05, 2005

car shopping

I think A and I have found a car. We have been shopping all weekend and looking at pros and cons of various cars. We test drove the hybrid cars...prius, and civic, the scion and have looked into many others. A test drove the Mazda 3 today (we had both kids so I stayed back, but sat in the drivers seat to make sure that I would be comfy driving it.) We both really love it, it is sporty, A says it drives really smooth. I thought it was the most comfortable car that I sat in, that is important when we are talking sitting in it for 710 miles! Another neat thing is we get the fleet pricing with this car also (a great RR perk, car shopping with no hassle!) which we would not with the Toyotas or Hondas.
We figured out that it will take us 10 years before the Prius would save us any money because it is quite a bit more expensive. We also found out that the batteries can not be recycled, so yes you are saving fuel, but littering the earth with a batterythat we would have to change about every 8 years...HMM not sure which is worse there.
So, we have our Durango up for sale on Auto trader and KSL, hopefully it will sell soon. And until it sells we will be limiting the amount of driving we will be doing because that thing is a big gas HOG!


Anonymous said...


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Stacy said...

CUTE car!! I had a Mazda 626..this is almost the same as the Mazda 6 they have now. Once it hit 70K though it fell apart.


Stacy said...

I wanted to let you know that I was car was almost at 100K before it went kaput

Shannon said...

We are still thinking it over right now. My BIL says that they can have some problems, so I'm not sure what we are going to do right now. I think we are going to test drive the Nissan's...I love the Altima, but not sure about the gas mileage on it.
Thanks for the info on the Mazda!

Stacy said...

I had an Altima and LOVED it. I totaled it. If you want to save on the gas don't get the 3.5 liter one. The 2.5 liter probably gets 27-32 mpg.