Monday, September 12, 2005

More about cars.

So, we are still car shopping. We can't agree on anything right now. We test drove the Nissan's, the Mitsubishi, and the Chevy and boy what a pain.
The first thing we drove was the sentra...We both liked how it rode, but the head rest hit me funny so I felt like it was pushing my head forward the whole time we were riding in it. I adjusted it several times, but they just didn't make that car for a person of my height. So we test drove a used (not by our choice) Altima. I loved it, but Aaron said it had way to much road noise for him. So the Altima was out. Next came the Mitsubishi Lancer, I didn't even ride in that one, but Aaron test drove it...he liked it. I felt the interior was really cheap and would fall apart in about 2 months time (esp. with kids). So, we went on to Chevy. We test drove the Cobalt. Neither one of us really liked it. So, we are back to square one now. We are going to look at Saturn's, hopefully this will be THE car. I have driven older ones, but not the newer ones. After that we are about out of cars and will just have to make a decision. We are hoping that our Durango will sell, the ad in the auto trader starts this Wed. so hopefully we will start getting some calls on it.

So, our car shopping still continues. At this point I am ready to just be done with this whole mess. We are hoping that this will all take place sometime this month. Let's pray that we can agree on something!


Stacy said...

I personally wouldn't choose the Saturn...they are rated great for safety, but in my opinion they look cheap inside after awhile. My parents have had two of them and both of them seemed to be tinny sounding when closing the doors and such. Your best bet is going to be Toyota, Honda or Nissan for the resale value and they just last the longest. I will pray that you guys find something soon that you both can agree on.

Jami said...

Have you looked at Volkswagen? and I think a look at Hondas would also be a great idea!Miss you and love you bunches!