Thursday, September 07, 2006

A fun day and flowers.

On Labor day I was lucky enough to get the entire day off. So, we decided to head up to Ogden to the Treehouse children's museum. It was really cool and the kids had a great time! The museum is set up like you are going through different parts of the world or different stories. This picture was from the china exhibit. There were also Africa, Japan, Germany, England, and a few others I can't think of right off the top of my head.
On the day we went it was Pirate day and the kids got to go to pirate school which they thought was really funny. The main pirate did a great job. They also did a treasure hunt where the families went all through the museum looking for X's with little words written on them. Then we were to unscramble the sentence to figure out where the treasure was. The treasure was hershey's chocolates, and who doesn't love that!

Although I have to admit I think my favorite part was meeting the president in his oval office. Did you know that they moved it to UT? LOL! Aaron and I did have fun pretending in it though, who says adults can't have fun too? Although I think that these 2 little ones are just about the cutest president's I have ever seen.
And now for the flowers. We have this bush that in the winter looks like sticks poking out of the ground but in the spring it has leaves and then in the late summer it produces the prettiest pink flowers. When we moved here the previous owners had it planted right next to the driveway and I just thought it was way to big to be there. So we transplanted it to right outside my kitchen window. Last year it didn't bloom and we thought maybe it had died, but it has taken off and I love looking at it when I'm in the kitchen, but the only problem is I have no idea what kind of plant it is. The buds start out just like a hibiscus, but they don't come out looking like that. So, if you know what they are I would love to know the name of it. I love flowers and so far this year the ones we bought are doing really well. There are so many beautiful ones that I just love to go out and putter around in the yard.
Aaron on the other had loves to grow veggies, and he is doing a phenominal job with it! We have had tomatos, peppers, pumpkins, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, onions, broccoli, carrots, corn, lettuce and watermelon. I have missed really good fresh tomatos ever since we moved here and to be able to just go out and pick them is so refreshing! Not to mention the amount of money we have been saving by not buying all of our veggies at the grocery store. We have been thinking that it might be beneficial to build a green house so that we can have fresh veggies all year. YUM!


Stacy said...

That looks like it was fun! I thought about heading up there to take Cameron one of these days. Your pumpkin looks great too. We only have 2 pumpkins growing and one is sort of small. We hope it gets big enough by Halloween.

Amy said...

I love your flowers. So pretty! The pumpkin looks good too. It looks like the kids and parents had a great time at the museum. :)

Jami said...

Hey Shannon-
Great posting. The museum looks like fun. Your flowers are beautiful. I think it might be a Rose of Sharon Morning Star. I will send you a link to a picture I found of one online and you can see what you think. Love you guys!

Kim said...

It looks like y'all (kids and parents alike! LOL!)had so much fun! What a cool place to go.

I have no idea what that flower is, but it's beautiful. Good for you it didn't die in the transplant. I can tell you, I would have killed it. Does it have a smell? It looks like it would.

Kudos to you and Aaron for having such a green thumb. I would love to have fresh veggies like that. But, my thumb is brown. I can even kill and ivy plant!