Friday, September 22, 2006

Pajama Day.

So the weather has been cold and rainy all week. This morning I had to work for 2 hours, when that happens I usually let the kids watch a movie. It works well for us. Well today after I got off of work the kids were still in their jammies, and we decided to watch another movie. It was a nice time to just sit and not have to think about anything. I really ejoyed it.
Tonight I have training for work. They are changing the program we use to book reservations, actually they have been changing everything from the website our customers use to our intranet. I am at the point that I wish they would stop changing things, it feels like I just learned where everything is and now they are changing it again on me!
Ok, it is 2:30 I suppose I need to go get out of my jammies and into some clothes for work. Nothing better than Pajama Day :0)


Kim said...

I LOVE jammie days. Sometimes the kids and I do the same thing. The only time we throw some clothes on is right before Rick gets home. He's caught us a few times and just laughs. Jammie days also make my heart so full with love and my mind with memories. When my kids were babies, I'd have jammie days with them. We'd lay in bed and snuggle ALL day. My, how time flies. Now they tell me what movies they want to watch!

Prairie Woman said...

Why get dressed? They can't see you can they???? Kaitlyn just knows Grammie and Papa are coming in just 4 days and we will let her stay in jammies when she is not in school. I remember the day Aidan was born and we let her stay in pjs and had to hurry to get her dressed to go see her new baby brother......oh, such sweet remembers.....Linda Mom

Celeste said...

OOOOOO...I love jammie days too!

Good luck with learning all the new stuff they are throwing at you!