Friday, September 01, 2006

So proud of Kaitlyn.

Today, I recieved a phone call from Kaitlyn's best friends mom. She told me that Kaitlyn's friend had told her Kaitlyn has said somethings that really hurt her feelings and that she didn't think Kaitlyn didn't want to be her friend anymore.
So, I chatted with Kaitlyn about it after school today. Kaitlyn doesn't remeber saying those things to her, but instantly wanted to call and apologize. She felt really bad that her friend's feelings were hurt. I told her that she needs to watch the words she is using. She doesn't deliberatly try to hurt people's feelings, but sometimes words just come out wrong.
Well, she called her friend and now all is right in the world. Kaitlyn said she was really sorry, her friend instantly forgave her. Now they are trying to plan playdates :0)
It makes me feel pretty good knowing that Aaron and I have raised our daughter to apologize when she has wronged somebody, and that she chooses good friends that will forgive instead of holding grudges....
Now if in Jr. High it will work like this, well that's a whole nother story I guess :0)


heidi larsen said...

good for her! girls are hard. they are so sensitive. my little girl just had to apologize to one of her friends too. too bad they can't be like boys. they just shrug things like that off and forget about it.

Prairie Woman said...

That's why you work a lousy job, so you are home to fix the booboos. I never once mistrusted yours and Aaron's parenting skills.....If God is on your side who can be against you.....Love

Stacy said...

Awesome job Kaitlyn! Good job to you guys too!

Mom said...

Shannon, not only am I very proud to hear Kaitlyn's quick & loving response to her friend, I'm equally proud of you and Aaron for the way you're dealing with the kids. Too bad more parents can't react the same way.

As for your last few posts which I never got to respond to - I'm very relieved that you decided to forego the other job. (Dad & I would support you no matter what you decided, but we sure were fretting over the thought of you taking a job that would keep you away from home.) I have an interesting article which is entitled "Dealing with Difficult Customers and Situations" that I'm going to mail to you. Maybe it'll help you deal with the way you feel toward these customers once you know where they're coming from - it's helped me a little bit here at work.
Just think of how nice that cruise is going to be - getting to be on the other side of customer service!

Can't wait to see you guys - it'll be here before we know it!!

Trysha Hoskins said...

I can feel your pride way over here!! Congrats to you and your hubby for raising such a precious little girl. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story!

Theresa Marie said...

awww :) Kaitlyn is such a wonderful girl! YOu and Aaron have done a terrific job of raising your children (hence why I was taking mental notes while I was visiting hee hee) Good job to Kaitlyn for being so quick to ask for forgiveness and kudos to her friend who so easily forgave!

reddogg said...

She comes by it from my side of the family. I've been putting my foot in my mouth for a long time
and having to apologoize as you well know. hehehe

love ya