Thursday, September 14, 2006

Love is

I heard this song today and loved the lyrics. I wish I knew who sings it so I can get myself a copy of it. Anyways here are the lyrics:

Theres nothing to hide nothing to fear everything is crystal clear.
No phony disguise no faces to wear there is nothing we can not share.
Cause I am at ease when I am with you. I know love is gonna see us through.

Love is higher than the mountains
Love is deeper than the oceans
Love is wider than the miles between you and me.
Love is stronger than a freight train.
Love is faster than a jet plane.
Love is bigger than the troubles that we'll ever see.

We're Never apart We're never alone. Love is Closer than the telephone.
No wall is to high no distance to great that love would ever hesitate
Cause we are the stage and love is the play.
And the scene is just another day.

Long is the day and dark is the night I know love is going to be our light.
Valley is low the desert is will never die.

To those who are far away from us... We miss you and love you. (Mom, Dad, Janay, Sean, Jami, Brian, Hannah, Seth...and too many family members and friends that I dont' have time to mention.) We love you and you are always on our minds.


Lilian said...

What a beautiful entry Shannon!! I'm sure your family misses and thinks of you every moment!

Mom said...

Not a day goes by that you, Aaron, and the little ones aren't in my thoughts throughout the day. We love and miss you guys very much.
(You'll have to let me know when you find out who did that song - I'd love to hear it.) Only two more weeks till we see you!
With much love,

DerWampler said...

I spent a good hour on this and MAY have some leads - but nothing solid.

I believe the son is titled "Love is".

The artist MAY be Woody Wolfe Jr.

The song MAY be off his "Woody's Children's Project" album, released in 2004.

I am having a hard time finding a complete lyrics sheet, or an MP# file to download.

Later, B.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a super late comment to your song, but the title is "Love Is" and it's by a man named Jon Allmett. He's a local artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He wrote the song about his experiences at specialty camps at Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, GA.

I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I love this song as well. It has touched me dearly and it suprised me to know this guy wrote this song for Camp Twin Lakes because that is where I have spent my summer for the past 10 years at MDA Camp walk n roll. I love it there and I know that CTL is very special to everyone that goes there. I love it.

Dan said...

The song is called "Love Is" and Woody Wolfe did bring it to Camp Twin Lakes in the early 90's, just after the camp was built. This was during the summer session of Camp Sunshine, a camp for kids with cancer. I'm not sure if he wrote it or not but I do think he recorded it quite some time ago.

Quite a few years later, John Allmett, began volunteering with Camp Sunshine. After learning that it was a "special" song to campers in years past, John began to incorporate it as he led songs in the dining hall. John sang it often at Camp Sunshine and at other camps utilizing Camp Twin Lakes, a medical special needs camp in Rutledge, GA. He also recorded the song...

Hope this gets you closer to your answer!
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Just came back from camp, and was trying to find this song as well, and this blog was the only thing that came up. I came across this on youtube - it's the best/cleanest recording of the song I can find, and hopefully this will help others who are also looking for it: