Friday, March 07, 2008

Just have to brag on Kaitlyn a little bit....

Last night we had parent teacher conferences. Kaitlyn is doing a great job this year! I am so proud of her, but that isn't the part I want to brag on....
At the beginning of the school year they take the IOWA test (which is an achievement test I think) and Kaitlyn got an award of scoring in the top ten percent...NATIONALLY in science!! What an honor for her.
Aaron and I noticed some grades starting to slip a little bit last week and have been stressing the importance of doing her best in school. It doesn't take very much for her to do well, she is one of those who can study for 5 minutes and have it perfect. (Oh how I wish I was blessed with that gift!) So, we had started tightening up around here making sure she was doing her work. I am hoping that this will give her the kick in the pants that she needs to really strive to do her best again.
Updates on the rest of us. We are all finally on the mend after all being sick the last week. I think Aaron and Kaitlyn had it the worst with a bad cough.
Aidan is doing well at preschool. He loves his teachers and he is working at home to try to learn all of the ABC's before he has his kindergarten placement test (we are not going to talk about Kindergarten quite yet though since this mom isn't ready for it!) He is also ready for soccer to start! It's his first time playing and he is really excited! We start at the end of the month.
Aaron went to Omaha a few weeks ago for work. He thought it was cool getting to see the headquarter for UP, but it was even too cold for him which is saying a lot. He is still enjoying his job and that is something to be said. Aaron is very involved at our church with his deacon duties, teaching Sunday school and leading a small group.
I have been busy, as well, trying to keep up with the housework, teaching my preschool class and trying to make sure that the kids are doing well education wise. Other than that I'm pretty much a taxi service around here...I think I live in my car. I'm to the point where on my days off I dread having to run any errands because I just don't want to drive anywhere. I'm thinking next year I'm back to limiting the kids to ONE extra curricular activity and AWANA's.
Girl Scout Cookie's are in, so if you ordered some we will try to have them delivered ASAP, that is the goal for today to get them all sorted and start delivering them.


Linda said...

Kaitlyn is very bright and can do just about anything she wants to. I, too, wish things had come easier for me. Aaron never had any problems. except in 2nd grade when he missed 1 spelling word, and they had to come and get me out of my class to see why he was crying. I told him it was OK....It's hard to be a Mom, wife, driver, shopper, cook, maid, laundry and anything else that comes along, but you know what to put on top of the list....your family.
If Kaitlyn needs the money for our cookies, just let me know and I will mail it. We can get cookies sometime later.
If you want to come for Easter dinner, you are very welcome, but I know your days are very tightly scheduled.
Aidan is going to be fine in school, it's Mom who will suffer.
Wait until that first day you are home alone, you will watch the clock every hour to see if it is time for someone to come home.
You are truly blessed,
Utah Mom

Amy said...

Good job Kaitlyn! I had forgotten about the Girl Scout cookies! I tagged you for blog entry on my blog. :)

Michele said...

Congrats to Kaityln for doing so well in school!!! I'm glad that Aidan is enjoying preschool, and I can't believe he's going into Kindergarten already!! Glad Aaron is enjoying his job, and I hope you can turn your taxi sign off soon, lol. Belated birthday wishes to Aaron, and I'm glad to hear that you're all feeling better!

Anonymous said...

We are very proud of Kaitlyn - and of you guys for how you're raising your children. All of you keep up the good work!!
That's a really nasty virus going around so I'm glad you guys are feeling better.
It was good talking to you on the phone the other night - sorry I had to cut it short. I'll try and call before Easter.
Love you guys!
Calif. Mom/Grammy