Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter, Soccer and dance.

Well, Easter Sunday was a nice quiet day. Mostly because this mom was tired and sick. Aidan had a cold the week before and on Good Friday I found out he had another ear infection. That was after staying up all night with him on Thursday. He has been on antibiotics and is feeling better, but he shared his cold with me.
The kids did get a few goodies and we did have our annual easter egg hunt. It was fun, but COLD! I made a feast of roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and deviled eggs. It was so good! I wanted to make a ham but Aaron and Kaitlyn don't like ham so I went with chicken.
On Tuesday we had Aidan's first soccer practice! He had such a blast! He was totally all smiles through the whole practice. I have to say that he was pretty good too, especially for not ever playing before. He has his first game on Saturday, it should be fun.
We have also been practicing for our Hands of Praise spring performance that is coming up April 27 and 28. The show is going to be fun! We are even doing a flag piece that I choreographed! I think it turned out pretty well, but I really won't know until the performance.
One more thing that we have been doing is trying to figure out how to simplify our lives a bit next year. This year has been pretty hectic and we only sit down together for dinner 2-3xs per week. And since I grew up having family dinner every night I am not liking this so much. Part of the problem is that most everything we are participating in is about a half an hour's drive each way...and I am doing that for work as well. On Tuesday's that we have girl scouts, I drive to work and then I come home for an hour and then turn right back around and drive back up for Girl Scouts. I do this on Thursday's as well for Children's dance ministry (although the time between the turn around drive is more like 2 hours for that). I also do that on Sunday for Hands of praise practice! I am tired of being in the car all of the time. So, Aaron and I have been trying to figure out what to cut and what to get a little closer to the house. The only thing that we can transfer is Girl Scouts. Kaitlyn is Ok with this. She is thinking about trying out sports or cheerleading. We may do girl scouts as a Juliette (like homeschooling girl scout style) so she still gets the benefits of being a scout but we are not tied to it like we are now. I am sad to let it go because we have been with these girls for 3 years, and will miss them. We do know that this is the best thing for us.
I am so looking forward to summer break! I won't be working, we won't have girl scouts, AWANA's, dance. Our evenings will be free from everything...and it won't be snowing either! I can't wait...yes, it snowed AGAIN yesterday. Luckily it didn't stay and was gone by the end of the day!
Other than that we have just been shelling out money left and least that is what it feels like. Everything around here keeps breaking and it is driving me crazy! We bought a Suburban a few weeks ago and could not get it registered because the "Service engine soon" light was on. There was no problem with the engine just the sensor for the light was broken. Thankfully, Brian, Aaron's brother was able to help us figure out how to fix it so we were able to save some money there. Since we have the Suburban to finally be able to tow our trailer we took it to see if we can get a new hot water heater for it, since the one we have is broken. Well, we pulled it out and found out that the tags we have on it are for 2005!!! We haven't received a registration in the mail for that many years and since we weren't using it we didn't think of the registration. We haven't gone to see how much that one is going to cost us! We finally got that fixed and Aaron was climbing up to the rafters to get the kids easter baskets, well the drywall that covers the hole in the ceiling fell and broke the passengers side mirror on our Saturn. We ordered a new one and that finally came. My fridge was leaking water all over the freezer and then it would defrost it and the entire interior of the fridge would be wet. Aaron was able to fix that one for no money....Thank you God for a handy man! And finally last but certainly not the least...Aidan was allowed to play out front by himself...he's 5 he knows the rules... we went over the rules before he went, he did just fine the day before, we live in a safe neighborhood. Well, he comes back inside a bit later, and I didn't think anything of it. About, 7 pm our little neighborhood girl came over to let us know that they had found Aidan's snow boot in their window well, and the window well was filled up with water! That kid had gone down there, opened up the grate covering their well, put his shoes down inside there, got the hose turned it on stuck it in the well and came home...without turning off the water! That little stink! Well, he has apologized and is not allowed out front without Aaron or myself being there. We have apologize and we also told her to let us know how much the damage was so that we could pay for it....$400 worth of damage is what she has come up with. Luckily it was caught early on, she was really gracious about it. But try explaining to a 5 year old exactly how much $400 is....he's not quite grasping it...until he asked to go out for lunch and I told him we couldn't go because we had to pay the neighbor...he was pretty upset, I'm hoping it sinks in. I know this will be a story we tell all the time when he is grown up, but right now I would like to stop giving away all of our money for broken, and stupid things... such is life though!
Make today a great one!


Linda said...
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Michele said...

How fun it must have been to see Aidan playing soccer for the first time!! I think little kids are so cute in their uniforms and learning a new sport. I loved watching my niece and nephew playing soccer last October when I went to Washington to visit them!! Hope you enjoy the experience with him and that he continues to grow and enjoy it, too!

Sorry to hear about the money you've been having to shell out for nothing fun. It sucks to lose so much money and have it not be for something that you wanted to spend it on or donate it for. I hope this next month brings less reasons to spend.

YOu and your family sure live a hectic life! I can totally see why you're looking forward to Summer! I think it's great that you and Aaron are finding ways to be able to all eat together again. Having dinner with my family are still some of my best memories of my childhood. Good for you for realizing the importance.....what's that quote...."Families that dine together stay together" I think is how it goes. Anyway, I hope you all have an awesome Summer together and get to spend lots of time together, too!!!

Linda said...

I deleted my previous comment because I wanted to say something else.
Aaron grew up eating dinner at the table too. He and his brother would watch for their Dad every night. As the kids get older and more involved with school, friends and activities, less and less dinners are eaten together.
There is a song sung by Trace Atkins about how children will miss the things their parents did when the kids are little. It fits all of our lives.
I bet Aidan is great at soccer, since he runs all the time anyway.
We got to buy a $555.00 water well tank for our old house. For some strange reason, it got a hole in the outside and the bladder. Looked like a nail hole.
Dad had to buy new side mirror after being hit on his way home from getting the car back from you guys. It is a blessing they only hit the mirror and not the truck and sent him off into the canyon in the dark. He got a ticket too.
We miss you guys so much, hope to see you soon, maybe Wednesday????
We love you and we can count our pennies together.

Stacy said...

Oh Shannon...what trials you have been through lately! I plan on dropping off your pan tomorrow after church and I have clothes for Aidan too. Michael said to let me know if you need anything for the suburban.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, sorry about all your money troubles, but that is called life.

L said...

When it rains it pours, doesn't it? That happened to use right after we had Jack and were paying off medical bills. But you'll find a way through it. I am also excited about summer break - it won't be much longer now!

Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours...or snows in your case!! It seems like everything hits all at once doesn't it? I'm sorry to hear you guys are going thru some trials but it'll be just a memory very soon... so keep a stiff upper lip!
Can't wait to see you guys in just a couple of weeks and to being able wo see Aidan play soccer and your performance (or at least the rehearsal).
I really miss our family dinners too. Not quite the same when it's just the two of us!
Love you,

Linda said...

That empty nest is a hard thing, isn't it Joni??
It sounds like you are coming to visit. We would love to see you, maybe we could come up for a few hours on one of your days visit, unless you have lots of planned outings.
Utah Mom

Anonymous said...

Linda, It would be nice to see you guys - it's been way too long. Hope it works out that we can get together.

Linda said...

Joni, it looks like we are all bunking at the kids on Saturday night during your visit. A big slumber party.

Anonymous said...

What fun mother and mother in law at the same time are both dad's going to be there to, you are so blessed.

Anonymous said...

UP DATE, did all of you have a good visit?